anxiety after getting IB SA offer

hey all, I recently was fortunate enough to accept an IB SA offer with a MM for my junior summer in 2024. everyone else I know is still recruiting and going through the networking/interviewing process despite some of them also having offers. I talked to a few peers and they said they want to get offers from better banks and will continue recruiting, but I don't really want to do that (partially because I really like my MM and also because I'm burnt out and super lazy rn). 

Should I be keeping my options open and continue recruiting or is it okay that I chill out a little now?

I also have gotten super anxious about the chances of my offer being rescinded last-minute or whatever because of the markets, or just because they feel like it. It isn't common for SA offers to be rescinded right? Even if my GPA drops or if they find better candidates further along the process? I had one of the earlier superdays the bank offered so what if they find better candidates and decide to cut me off or am I being crazy rn :')

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Unless they go under you're fine

bawstin, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Was in same position as you. Got an MM offer, wanted to keep recruiting for better banks and was getting a bit burnt. Are you target? If not, I suggest you accept ASAP. Don't be too greedy in this economy because there are less spots for you guys, and who knows if recruiting will be further restricted when the economy goes into the shitter. Also, accept that you can always rerecruit for the bigger banks. Play the long game... like you said you liked the bank and the groups you've talked with. Culture > Prestige. Culture is what's gonna keep in banking and not quit easily.

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