Barclays Internship Recruitment Process - Business Insight Assessment - Video Interview

Hi guys,

I would like to know whether someone already experienced Barclays' new recruitment process for London IBD SA. I have been invited to a Business Insight online assessment.

Does anyone know what it is about? What kind on question I'll have? Is it SHL or Kenexa or anything else?

Thanks !!

Business Insight Video Interview / Assessment

Outlined below are the steps to apply for any division of Barclays in the Asia Pacific or Europe / Middle East division. First you need to express your interest through the Barclays website.

A key part of the of application process for Barclays is the career aptitude test which is similar to a situational judgement assessment (such as SHL or Kenexa).

Barclays Business Insight Stage 1

The first stage of the Business Insight assessment is designed to put you into a realistic business scenario and is meant to assess a candidate's strengths, values, and cognitive abilities. The assessment is untimed but will take 35 - 40 minutes to complete.

Prixn - Investment Banker:
When completing the first portion of the Business Insight you will watch a series of 2 – 3 minute situational online videos. You will rank responses to the situation on a scale of one to five. There will also be chart and quantitative analysis.

Example Questions:

  • You have an idea but none of your colleagues support it, what do you do?
  • You are invited to a launch breakfast but your friend needs help correcting their pitchbook, what do you do?
  • Numerical questions: Examine 5 graphics (ex. charts) and answer numeric questions

When facing these questions, you will rank responses in order of importance. Barclays suggests visiting to practice questions that candidates might encounter.

Barclays Business Insight Stage 2

If you advance to this stage you will be tasked with a specific project that reflects the business line that you applied to. The project will be made up of tasks that reflect the type of work graduates do on the job.

Through this stage candidates will answer multiple choice questions and will record video responses. This stage should not take more than 45 minutes.

Candidates perform a variety of tasks including recording responses to questions, completing some calculations and replying to an email. To do this candidates will be given some reading material and choose a preferred response for each question.

Example Scenario Section:

  • You will be asked by hypothetical manager to give recommendations on how improve the financial stability of the bank (Video Recorded Response).
  • Next you receive an email from your colleague criticising your report and you have to respond to her by email.
  • Next another manager emails you to tell you there are lots of errors in a report, done by you and 2 other colleagues and you have to respond to him by video again.
  • Summary video response answering what you think about Barclays and the assessment process.

Barclays Super Day (Business Meeting)

This Barclays Business Meeting stage is the equivalent of a super day interview and will take place over the course of 3.5 - 5 hours. During this stage candidates will receive an "immersive" task in line with the business unit they applied to.

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Just got an insight from a connection...

Basically you'll have 2/3m videos where you will be put in a situation and you Will have to rank 5 choices (the more to the less adequate). Situations are like what you get in a basic situational judgement test but they paid some actors to give you a better image of the situation You will also have some calculations to do and chart analysis. Difficulty : 4/5. if you think a little bit and you have already practiced some SHL/Kenexa it should be okay.


Ah right thanks for that :) do you know if there is another stage of online application after the test or is it interviews?


Hiya Just wondering if you had the video interview?

From my research it seems to be just competence questions like why Barclays why this division etc

How long did it take?

The invitation didn't give a deadline so I m a bit confused when it needs to be done


Hello, I have just applied for 2017 Markets Trading & Structuring Full Time Analyst London at Barclays. They do not ask for a CV (or I didn't see it), was it the same for you ?


I m trying to apply for the structuring analyst as well as I think it s a very interesting area. But have no idea if any other bank does somethings similar! Any ideas or suggestions? Ps no cv was asked


Please let me know too. Finished Business Insights 1, and am waiting for the rejection/invitation to Stage 2. Does anyone know what will happen if we try to apply to multiple locations?


I'm also waiting for an invitation to stage 2 but I did get feedback today which says I will find out how successful I've been in due course. Doesn't look hopeful if others have already had their video interviews.


Hi.. Have you appeared for the Barclays Business Insight Stage 1? How is the pattern? What kind of test it is? Please let me know. It will be a great help


Hi I have completed Business Insight 1 for almost 12 hours but have yet to receive any news. Does that mean rejection is coming?


I personally received an email straight after Business Insight 1 to complete Business Insight 2... As for everyone asking what it was about, there were some numerical questions which were different to the normal SHL ones because they would give you 5 graphics like charts and ask you a numerical question, some of which were quite hard, based on those. With regards to the weird videos, they were situational eg you have an idea but none of your colleagues support it, what do you do? You are invited to a launch breakfast but your friend needs help correcting their pitchbook, what do you do? They give you 5 responses and you rank them in order of importance in your opinion. Hope that helps!

If anyone has done BI 2 please tell me what it is like, I am trying to talk to people in Barclays itself to ask but this is their first year with two separate Business Insight Stages...


Thanks for the reply, In addition to the SJT questions were there regular competency style questions as well? e.g think of a time when... and name an achievement you're proud of

Just trying to do some prep now but from what a gather it seems pretty hard to prepare for it

Best Response

No competency questions for risk The thing is divided into two parts. Part 1 is the 4 numerical multiple choice questions in 12 minutes. Part 2: Video question asks you to base your answer on the document and responses used in Part 1. There are Basel III rules, data on payment app investments, and a balance sheet. You can't go back to check your answers. They ask you to use all this information to make recommendations on how to improve the financials (can't remember exact wording). Good luck with that. 5 minutes to prepare, 5 minutes to respond.

Written exercise: respond to an email where you are given feedback on your report. Feedback is short, vague and without context.

Another video question: Manager says the report is not good but you know it's mostly your colleagues fault, respond.

Last video: what you learned and how it makes you look forward to joining them

3 Video questions in total. So as someone else said on the internet, you can't prepare for it in the traditional way. It's very challenging.


My interview followed a similar format but was a little different.

In Part 2 there was no more analysis of data, so I didn't have to present any recommendations. Instead, there was a video to introduce myself to a client team, and an email where I had to edit a piece of work from a colleague in 10 minutes.


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