Cold emailing in the UK?

I just started cold emailing after seeing several articles on it here and another site. However, I want to know if I'm making a mistake by doing it here in the UK. Out of 15 emails I sent, 7 of them got blocked. 

Is this because I'm in the UK and cold emails are not good to use here, or because I'm using a email tracker and maybe they found out / or their server blocked it.

The 15 emails sent were for investment banking. I was also going to do it for management consultants to get some career advice. Or should I just forget cold emailing?


What do you mean by "blocked"? Sometimes some servers won't allow external emails (accept from an approved list) to send emails to their inbox.


550 5.4.1 Recipient address rejected: Access denied. AS(201806281) 

I got that response when I tried to send it to one boutique.

I actually just concluded that it may be because a lot of the emails were for persons with umlauts in their name. 

Either way, I still want to know whether or not I should continue cold emailing in the UK for IB or management consultancy?


This is incorrect. If the recipient think its weird, he wont reply, and there is no upside in talking to the person. Simple as that.

I have had several replies from MD and even Global Heads when guessing email adresses - had a phone call with one who even ask me how I got his email and gave me kudos for it.

OP - keep sending, hit rate is not high but from approx. 50 emails sent, I have landed a few informal interview, where one lead to a first round interview for a FT position at GS/MS/JPM.

LinkedIn is dogshite and people are very bad at replying there, especially seniors which are the ones you should target.


Advice on this forum that pertains to networking and cold emailing is centered on the US. Such practices are at best inefficient in the EU/UK, at worst frowned upon  

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