How to be more proactive when searching for a job?

Hey, looking for a FT position in UK, preferably at boutique IB in London. I've been frequently checking linkedin and indeed but nothing is poping up so I am trying to find a way to be more proactive with my search.

I know networking isn't a thing in UK so contacting strangers on linkedin is prob. no the best idea?

In addition, I heard most headhunters are useless and only use your info to farm data? Would you agree? Are there any good trustworthy headhunters in London that you know of?

I also have access to mergermarket database. My current plan is to make a list of like ~100 botiques, check their websites and apply using link/ email on the website or email HR directly. 

Regarding the latter, would it be appropriate to also send my resume directly to director/ partner or not (given that its a small place maybe it is appropriate)?


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It's not at all inappropriate and you have little to lose by trying. It would take quite a rogue MD / D to block or report you for a politely-worded message asking about job prospects. Networking this way isn't as big as in the US, but it definitely happens and you'd be at a disadvantage if you didn't try (and I'd go, at least at smaller shops, for the MD / Ds rather than HR).

I won't comment too much on headhunters but they're definitely a mixed bag, especially at the junior level.

A word of caution that this is a very difficult job market, so while I encourage you not to be disheartened if you get a few (a lot) of blanks, if you're NOT a student (i.e. you need a job pronto), then have a backup plan.

Yes, attach your CV.


Hey, thanks a lot for replying! Do you mind if I ask one more question? When would you say is the best time to apply for FT positions at boutiques which do not have standardized hiring process. So summer is prob. the worst time to apply, so that leaves Autumn, December. Or is it better to wait until spring?

Thanks again!


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