International Student with Delayed Graduation

Hi all, 

My university decided to cancel the program I was in due to low enrollment, so I had to transfer to a different school and will be graduating a year later (2025 instead of 2024). I accepted a Summer Analyst offer to a BB (think JPM/GS/MS) for their IB division, and it is contingent on my 2024 graduation date.

I need to start over and find a summer analyst position for 2025 now, but a friend told me that it might be too late since the recruitment process is about to start at most BBs, and most people have already secured referrals. Is it really too late? Any advice on what I should be doing to maximize my chances of securing a SA position?

I haven't networked in about half a year and just started reaching out to bankers to schedule calls. So far, I've managed to schedule 4 calls with analysts for this upcoming week. I usually asked them to push my resume or introduce me to an associate/VP during the 2nd or even 3rd call, but since it's already kind of late, should I ask them to push my resume on the first call? Or should I still aim to at least get on a second call with them before asking?

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