Non-Target IT graduate to finance in London

Hi All,

I need a career advice. I am a 26 years old Eastern European male living in the UK and trying to break into M&A. I graduated last year from a non-target UK university with an IT related degree. I do not know what to do. Actually it’s not that I have completely no clue what to do, I am just not too sure which route would be the best to break in as there is so many ideas that come to my mind:

1)Do MSc in Finance related subject (currently hold the offer at Birkbeck, University of London MSc Investment Management)

The unviersity I mentioned specializes in evening teaching so I would have the time for networking and getting some job experience. It's not a target though and I don't believe it would make any difference. I would not get into top MSc Finance course given my background. Not at this stage.

2)Work a few years in IT and then get an MBA.

I am just concerned that having my undergrad from an average uni I would not get to top MBA.

3) Wait one year and try to get into top MSc course

At Birkbeck, University of London there is a one year evening conversion course for people who graduated with non-finance degree which prepares them for MSc. There were quite a few people who managed to get into top programmes on LSE, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL having completed that conversion course. By going this route I would be 28 graduating from the top school(hopefully) increasing the chances for getting the job I want. This route may also help with getting into top MBA programmes if I want to do it later.

My question is which route would be the best for getting into finance in London? Would not I be too old? I do not have to work for the biggest players, I would be happy anywhere if I was doing what I like.


"I would be happy anywhere if I was doing what I like" LOL.So,why did you get your degree in IT? Yeah, I don't think finance is for you but in case you're hell bent on actually getting into finance, I would actually go with the third option while you familiarize yourself with general finance and economics topics.

Which country are you from though by the way?


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