Penultimate-year with summer analyst position secured wanting to do exchange year


Exchange year would make me graduate a year late, unsure whether I would be able to defer a FT offer if it came. 
Bank is not mainstream BB, IBAB instead (see mergers&inquisitions for IBAB meaning), and hires many final year undergrads for summer analyst programme (London office).

Currently enrolled at a target university, exchange is to another target university. (Not doing exchange for CV anyway, just mentioning if relevant)

Idea: Take exchange year AND do summer internship, turn down FT offer if received and not able to defer, then do recruiting cycle again as a penultimate-year while on exchange year.

Any thoughts/discussions appreciated thanks.
(Haven't spoken with HR/bank yet)

My thoughts: Ultimately looking out for myself/my early career, doing what I want to do, taking "risks" / exploring while I am young. Concerned about potential repercussions.

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It depends if you want to work FT at this bank. If I were you, I'd sign the offer and then speak to HR - many banks let you defer, and only the bank in question can give you a firm answer on this. Then, go from there.

Side note, recruitment is (as I'm sure you know) a massive ballache. I can only imagine it's more stressful on an exchange year where you're a) in a different timezone/ country and b) want to enjoy the local culture for the year - I personally wouldn't want to spend my exchange year stressed out of my mind, doing online tests and missing out on social events as a result. If they explicitly say that you can defer should you win a return offer, then it seems a win-win. If not, weigh up the pros and cons and make an informed decision.

anonibrous3031, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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