Sophomore at Non-target

Could use some advice. Here is my situation. Came in as a nursing major to a non-target school freshman year. Spring semester I changed my major to finance after joining an investment society at school. Was elected to a leadership position then after meeting a director from a BB(alumni from my school) speak at our meeting I figured out I wanted to do IB. In the fall of my sophomore year, my time was dedicated to a 20-credit course load and transfer applications. I decided I would dedicate winter break to building technicals and prepping. Unfortunately, my father had a stroke and went back home to help take care of our family farm during winter. Did some shadowing on the capital markets team at CW and interned at another CRE venture firm in the spring. Reached out to the director at BB again and said I was coming up that way to tour the school (It was an 8hr drive and I would be sleeping in my car) and would like to catch up and hear any recruiting advice he would offer as this was the main connection I had in my network. He responded within the hour and says he understands what it feels like with a non-target and invited me to come into the office for a 1hr to discuss. I have 2 weeks to prep and no idea what to expect. How do I make the best use of my time these next 2 weeks? I know there is 400 question, Pearl & Roseburg etc. But I have 2 weeks to prep for everything. I have been getting by on soft skills, but at the same time is this an interview? is he going to help prep me?, or give me a referral? Need some straight-shooting answers.

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