Stay at current IB internship or land another at a different firm?

Currently a senior at a non-target (Finance major; economics minor with a 3.6 GPA) who didn't start IB recruiting until June of my sophomore year. I am still recruiting for full-time roles (MMs and boutiques) and have not received any offers yet. There's also a good chance I'll be applying to semi-target/target MSF programs within the next month or two to rebrand myself and have another year to recruit full-time.

I am currently interning at a lower MM boutique IB since May, and before that, I interned at two different search funds for five months each. In my current IB role, I source for potential investors for our primary deals, do comps, market research, and modeling (on separate templates). I am also not given an hourly pay/salary. Instead, I receive monthly performance bonuses ranging from 1.5k - 3k. I have grown to love the firm and get along nicely with my seniors, who have also been mentors to me.

Will the firms I apply to for a full-time role prefer I intern at two different IB firms, or will they be okay if I intern at the same boutique for ten months? How I see it is that it'll demonstrate my commitment and loyalty to my current firm and that I'm a hard worker?What do you guys think? Also, should I try to speak to my seniors to negotiate an hourly pay/salary? Or do I move on and find a new internship for this spring/summer?

Looking forward to reading all your comments/advice. Thanks!

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