Switching from IB to SWE, advice?

Hey guys,I've been on the job at a top (and very sweaty) banking group for 6 months. I have not enjoyed the job, if anything have come to despise it.

In college I majored in something quite quantitative, essentially math/cs/data sci. I could have gone for swe then but thought banking would be more interesting. I did my junior summer at the same bank I'm at now, but it was virtual and I honestly didn't get a good feel for the job (I was getting grinded but there was light at the end of the tunnel and it was only 5 weeks). I was hoping that banking would be more thoughtful and less rote. I was wrong. Another factor was upward mobility / pay progression, which does scale better in finance if you grind it out and get lucky.

I can't see myself enjoying banking as an associate or more as a more senior banker. I'm not enamored with financial modelling, it's ok, but not very mentally stimulating. I don't mind making slides either (if they're theoretical / qualitative), but I despise spreading comps etc. For these reasons I don't think I'll enjoy PE either.

I think the right hedge fund would still be interesting, if I get a real decision making seat, and I'm not grinding out models 24/7. VC could also be fun, but again if it's a shop that thinks about trends over modelling and I have some space to think and make decisions.

All of this has led me to believe that maybe I should do SWE instead. I am decent with python, maybe a little rusty. I was quite a good CS student in college when I studied. I am more rusty with my Java, I can barely remember any C, and I have completely forgotten C++. Given I'm 6 months out of school so it's not gonna be as easy for me to pop into a new grad program for swe as it would have been if I were still in school.I think the biggest appeals to me about swe are wlb, pay, and maybe more stimulating work.

Has anyone transitioned from IB to FAANG/M/Unicorn SWE without going back to school? If so how? Does this even make sense for me to do?

I can get my masters in CS from my undergrad target school in 1 year, so that's probably the cleanest option?

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Fingers crossed that one of those helps you.

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