To late for me?

Going to cut to the chase, I'm a sophomore at University of Tampa, 3.88 GPA, finance major. I signed with a small portfolio company for some p.e firms here in Tampa this summer doing FP&A. I want to get into Investment Banking because I know the skill set of an analyst allows you to have a lot of other options down the line. From what I have heard, I missed a lot of SA 2025 application deadlines, and I don't know if I would have landed any because I just started studying my financial models and IB prep. Any advice on if I should keep grinding towards an SA role for 2025 or advice on how to achieve this. 
Currently doing WSP courses and will earn my certificates mid-way through summer. However, I am nervous I might be wasting my time as I am already late to the game.
Any advice is appreciated, kind of looking for a guide or mentorship on what steps to take.

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Hi - I am a senior finance major about to graduate in a few weeks. I have had two internships in IB and am now going to be a full-time analyst in a few months. I also help students with IB recruiting. A few pieces of advice - keep grinding and getting good at your never know when an opportunity may come up. There are also a lot of 2025 internships open at big shops...I would suggest applying to things that are open...getting your foot in the door is the most important thing you can do...if you can do this, you can always make a lateral move. You will also see some 2025 stuff re-open in the late summer as 2024 internships wrap up so keep your eye open!!

The moral of the story - keep grinding and keep practicing. If this is truly something you want, you will get there if you work hard. 


Could add a semester to recruit for SA26. I found out about IB late and decided to add a semester and am extremely glad I did. Had I not done it I likely would've been stuck back/mid office and forced to do an MBA. Like SwaggyGal said, try to get something for SA25 first though, there are still plenty of interviews going.


Too late for SA?  No idea personally, other monkeys will have a better idea.

Too late for FT?  Probably not.

Too late to eventually catch up to the pack within a couple years of graduation (for example, graduate into FP&A and lateral to A1 or A2 later . . or find your way into IB/PE a few years later than that)?  Not even remotely too late for that.  

So the idea that learning modeling/valuation etc is a waste of your time, not a chance.


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