Where to from here?

Long time lurker and grateful for a lot of what I've learned through this community. So, firstly, thank you!

About me -
1. Recently moved to NYC - 28 years old
2. CPA with 8 years of assurance experience in the asset management industry across the U.S., Asia and Australia at a Big 4
3. CFA Level 1 - June 2019

After 8 years in assurance, I feel like I am cruising it now. The work doesn't challenge or excite me anymore. I stuck around for so long as I loved the work, had great clients, plenty of international exposure and a fantastic set of mentors who inspired me. I wouldn't trade my experience to date. Contrary to a lot opinions on assurance, I enjoyed the work and loved helping my clients out.

With my recent move to NYC, my role is a lot different. I'm just looking at my laptop everyday and reviewing shit. Boring AF. Barely any client interaction (huge client, huge team and pre-fixed ways of doing things), standardized methods of delivery, lack of new ideas etc, no opportunities to work on proposals, bids etc.

This is the stuff I was exposed to in my previous location and was another reason I stuck around in the profession.

Day by day, I get the feeling I need to do something else now. I don't mind staying in the BIG4 environment but definitely feel like exploring the world outside of assurance in asset management.

Here is what I am thinking but am fairly lost on where to start given I'm a complete outsider. No MBA, or GPA or internships.

a. Not keen on going to a FP&A role / Financial Reporting role - Easy to transition into this. But again, no client interactions, meeting new people etc.

b. BIG 4 M&A/Transactions Services? Equity Research? Hedge Fund / PE analyst or Associate?

I have a feeling I might need to take a step down to get my foot in the door and I am content with that too. I've always been focused on learning and growth instead of compensation.

Also, I have no visa restrictions, so flexible to move around.

Would really appreciate some thoughts from people on the other side / those that have made this transition.


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Dec 4, 2018 - 2:57pm
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