Advice to get into Whiskey

Hello to all of you
From the nature of the people on this forum, I think I could get some very good advice on how to start getting into the world of good whiskies.
I did my DD and got a few bottles recommended for beginners.
What kind of whisky should I start with, and how to make it more enjoyable at first?

My father always pushed me towards it by I was more of vodka on the rocks guy


The best way to get into whiskey is to go start taking tours of your local distilleries. They will usually have a handful of things for you to try and learn more about. Don't have a distillery go to a local whiskey bar and usually they will have some recommendations for you to try. A single pour might be more expensive, but it is cheaper than a bad bottle you don't like.   


I live in Frankfurt so destilliries ain't an option.
I will take your advice and mix my single malt tasting with some trips to a decent bar for some recommendations.
Problem with Frankfurt: most bars are either the crappy German shirhole bar like Moe’s or super top fancy bars to hang out after work, I am searching for middle points.

Most Helpful

What bottles did you get? Any you liked or didn't like? 

I'd pick a fancier bar or whatever bar has a decent selection and frequent that. Building a relationship will help in trying, getting tastes, etc. Frankfurt I'm not familiar with, but surprised there isn't at least a few places for you to go to. 

My recommendation is to identify something you bought that you liked - and then when you go out, ask for recommendations similar to that. I'd also start with adding a few drops of water (that just helps generally to 'open it up') and use a cube, the dilution will help cut the alcohol making it a bit more palatable vs. neat. 


I've heard Whisky is good too.

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Nice username haha

"If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or anything else, it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them." - Bruce Lee

Squeeze some grapefruit in with the whiskey. The bitter / sweet will balance out and you’ll get used to whiskey by itself over time.


You can do small things like letting the whisky breathe or add couple drops of water to alter the profile a little. Just do a rotation of base offerings from distilleries which have good reputations across the regions. If you find one that works for your tastes, then branch out to another of that distillery's offering which a close profile and find suggestions from there.

I prefer peat, so Islays, Skyes, or some West Higlands like Oban.


Start small and niche so that you can get a baseline understanding of one area of whisky, then move onto other categories progressively. I recommend starting with scotch and trying 3-4 whiskies by region (highlands, islay, lowlands, speyside, and campbeltown) so that you can develop a decent palette. Most of all, have fun with it!


The best way to get into whiskey is to buy whiskey and drink it.  The idea that there is some huge complex process to discovering what you like is a joke.  Don't buy spirits as an investment.  Odds are you won't get lucky, and even if you do there is a higher odds that you will improperly store it thus diminishing the perceived gains.


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