Amazon's Delivery Guarantee Is Worth $13.25

Being the mensch that he be, Goldie has gone far out of his way to conduct an experiment for the public knowledge, greater food, family honor, and societal virility. Goldie was curious as to what exactly Amazon means when they "guarantee" your package will be delivered by a certain date. Here are Goldie's findings:

Me: Hi, these items were supposed to arrive yesterday. I was home all day and nobody knocked on the door and they are not at the post office. I needed one of them for my wife's first day of class as a teacher today and now she doesn't have it. Why was the delivery failed and when can I expect the items?
You are now connected to RITIKA from
RITIKA: Hello, my name is RITIKA. I'm here to help you today.
Me: Hi Ritika
RITIKA: Goldie first of all, a very Happy Teacher'S day to your wife.
Me: Thank you
RITIKA: sorry for the caps*
Please allow me a minute to look into it.
Me: No rush, thanks!
RITIKA: Goldie i've checked and confirmed that the delivery was attempted however, the carrier was having the issue on the scan.
Please do not worry , in this case a delivery will be attempted again soon.
I'm sorry for the inconvenience .
Me: Thanks for looking into that
RITIKA: In this case as a small token of money i will issue $5 promo to your account.
Please accept it.
Me: So when you guys say "Guaranteed delivery" on a certain date, what does that mean really? What happens if it's not delivered on that date like in this instance? And are you able to guarantee delivery for this order? Because my wife needs the bell ASAP.
RITIKA: Goldie... it really mean guaranteed delivery.
But due to the weather unrest in Texas and in some states of United states the operations are on hit.
hence, the process is now-a -days causing delay in deliveries.
Once the condition will be in Favour everything will be a s usual.
Me: Didn't you say it was a carrier issue not a weather issue?
RITIKA: Yeah, it was a carrier but before the process of Carrier i just gave the issue related to usual delivery delays now-a -days on most of the orders.
Me: Got it, so to come back to my question, since you offer a guarantee, what happens when that date is not met? And are you able to provide an ETA currently?
RITIKA: Goldie in this case when delivery is not gurantee i've already issued you $5 promo as apology and i have authority to extend your prime by One month.
Me: Thank you. Do you have an ETA currently for the package? Will they try again today?
RITIKA: Goldie.. please do not worry the delivery will be attempted soon.
In case, to schedule it tomorrow .
Please allow me a minute.
I'm contacting the carrier.
Me: Thank you
RITIKA: will this work?
Me: If they can deliver the package, yes it would
RITIKA: great, allow me a minute.
Me: Thank you
RITIKA: WIR62559542-This is a confirmation number for the in case you want any update.
I've contacted the carrier and scheduled it to be deliver tomorrow.
for sure.
Anything else i can help you with?
Me: Where can I track that number? Is that a tracking or a confirmation number? Why can't they deliver it today? Isn't it already in the area?
RITIKA: It's a confirmation number.
Me: What do I do with it?
RITIKA: You can see the update that redelivery is confirmed.
Me: Where? I thought it was already confirmed for yesterday. I'm confused how this number helps me.
RITIKA: Goldie..Do not worry.
Your item will be delivered to you tomorrow this is what i mean to say.
Me: OK, that's reassuring thank you.
RITIKA: Your welcome.
Anything else i can help you with?
Me: Do you know why the carrier can't do it today though? I would assume it's still in the area.
So now that's two days my wife is going without the item she needs for class instead of one.
RITIKA: Goldie i can completely understand the concern.
I'm really sorry about it.
You will get it by tomorrow.
Me: But do you know the reason they can't do it today? Where is the item?
RITIKA: They ateempted the delivery on September 4, 2017 03:48:00 PM
However, the carrier was having issues with the item scan so he was not able to deliver.
Moreover, yesterday was the labor day due to which most of the operation was not in process.
Me: I understand. I don't see how it being Labor Day is a factor since that's the day the delivery was guaranteed on. Today is a work day though. Are you able to contact the carrier?
It seems since the error was on their end, they would go out of their way to correct it.
RITIKA: And for today they don't have the space for some of the delivery package as yesterday was off
so they will attempt it tomorrow.
Me: I understand
Are you able to offer any compensation for the additional delay?
RITIKA: Goldie , i've already issued $5 promo to your account as a small token of apology.
Me: And a month of Prime, correct?
RITIKA: Yes, i 've gone ahead and extended your prime by One month.
Me: Thank you, I appreciate it.
RITIKA: Your welcome.
It was a pleasure assisting you today! Have a great day! Please click the End Chat button on the top right corner of this window.
Me: So to return to my question about the guarantee you offer, is the answer that the guarantee is worth $5 and a month of Prime regardless of the time of delay?
RITIKA: Sorry, but this is the only thing i can offer as a front line agent to you.
Me: I understand and I appreciate your help, but I feel that the situation isn't being handled appropriately. Are you able to escalate please?
I've been a Prime member for several years and a major reason I stay is because Amazon is normally quick to remedy issues.
RITIKA: Yeah, i 've already escalated the issue to the higher authorities and strict action will be taken .
Me: What action? I'm asking to speak with someone.
RITIKA: I can completely understand your concern.
They would provide you the same resolution as any of the another higher authority person will.
Me: May I speak with someone?
RITIKA: Please allow me a minute.
Me: Thank you
RITIKA: Please allow me a minute while i connect you to concern team.
A Customer Service Associate will be with you in a moment.
You are now connected to Ezekiel Balin from
Ezekiel Balin: Hello, my name is Ezekiel Balin from leadership team.. Please give me a moment to review the previous correspondence.
Me: Hi Ezekiel, sure, thank you
Ezekiel Balin: Thank you so much for waiting
Me: No problem, thank you
Ezekiel Balin: I can see that order is divided in 2 shipments. They were set to arrive by Monday September 4th 2017
However the shipments were delayed.
I can see that now the order show as delivery attempted and it not with the post office as well.
Please stay connected as I have contacted the carrier and I am on phone and there is a hold time for them to answer the call
Me: No problem, thank you very much!
Ezekiel Balin: I will confirm from the carrier and let the you when the package will be delivered as the package was to be delivered by September 4th, There was a delay from the carrier side and we apologize as we do deliver the packages on time and this time we were not able to do it as the carrier was not able to deliver the item on time
I will try my best to resolve this issue for you.
How has your day been so far?
Me: Thank you, Ezekiel. My day's going well. How about yours?
Ezekiel Balin: All good, Here to help our customer's with all order related issues.
I am sorry the hold time from USPS is taking longer than normal and in this case I will request you to please stay connected with us and we will do our best to help you with this issue.
Me: No problem, thank you
Ezekiel Balin: You are welcome, Goldie.
The carrier says the package was out for delivery yesterday but they did not find a secure location to deliver
It is up for delivery at post office or they will reattempt a delivery next business day
May I know what will you prefer?
The carrier is on hold on phone.
Me: I won't be home in time to pick it up from the post office, so home is OK
Ezekiel Balin: They will deliver it next business day which means tomorrow, May I know if this will be comfortable?
Me: But can you ask them to make a note please to leave it on the first floor if they're more comfortable with that? I've never had a package not delivered for that reason.
Ezekiel Balin: Sure, I will tell add the note, Please allow me a minute as phone station is bit far from my desk as I will send the request to carrier
Me: Thank you
Ezekiel Balin: Thank you for waiting, I am sorry that I had kept you waiting on the chat.
Me: No problem, thank you
Ezekiel Balin: The redelivery request is taken and the reference number to the request is
The package will be delivered to you tomorrow.
Me: Is that a tracking number? What do I do with that?
Ezekiel Balin: That is a reference to the redelivery request that was made
Me: So if I hadn't contacted customer service today, what would have happened? I thought there was already a request for delivery.
Ezekiel Balin: The package was with carrier in the carrier office and hence and it was up for a pick up as the carrier will keep the item for pick up.
As I confirmed from the carrier they reattempt a delivery on a request once they provide them a secure location to deliver.
Me: OK, so I'll expect the package tomorrow then.
Ezekiel Balin: Yes, We have sent the redelivery request to the carrier and the package will be delivered by tomorrow.
Me: I was asking the previous associate about your guarantee and she seemed unsure. What does that mean exactly? She offered me $5 and a month of Prime, so is that the worth of your guarantee? And if so, shouldn't that be at least per day of delay? Because this is two days now my wife will have to be without essentials she needs for her job as a teacher.
Ezekiel Balin: We apologize about the prev. rep we will coach them on this, the rep helped you with a $5.00 promotion credit and one month prime extension as a part of the compensation.
The compensation cannot repay the hassle you had as I can see that you and your wife had to be without the essentials as you needed them on time and we have passed on the feedback to the concerned team, this is an internal team and they are working on this to minimize the chances of such errors
Me: I understand.
Ezekiel Balin: So in this case the promotion was offered let me check with the previous rep if the promotion was issued.
Me: Thank you
Ezekiel Balin: The rep has issued a promotion credit of $5.00 and also has extended your prime by one month.
Me: Thank you
Ezekiel Balin: You are welcome,
Please let me know, If I was able to answer all your questions?
Is there any other assistance you need from me?
Me: No, thank you Ezekiel.
Ezekiel Balin: Thank you for contacting
Please click "End Chat" to close this chat which is at the top right corner of this chat window :)
That would help me.

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GoldenCinderblock, what's your opinion? Comment below:
RITIKA: Goldie..Do not worry.
I was really worried at this point and am glad she talked me off that ledge. Praise be, RITIKA.

Look at all these wannabe richies hating on an expensive salad.
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phanyec, what's your opinion? Comment below:

During a national crisis, when Amazon's delivery services are stretched thin, you may notice that your orders remain on hold longer than expected. This occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 when Amazon experienced a surge in online purchase orders. During this period, Amazon prioritized household items, medical supplies, or other important items. Try using a third-party order tracking company next time. I know that even not only packages can be tracked. This is handy because it's hard to monitor other services from a distance.

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DylanBrown, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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Nihil labore amet excepturi distinctio et pariatur. Recusandae ducimus laudantium eaque incidunt aut suscipit. Molestiae minus vel perferendis quia placeat dolorem. Fuga distinctio quia fugit est.

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