Boston for a week, the City for a day, what do you guys recommend?

Hey guys, school was let out down here in the SE, for the hurricane, I'm flying to Boston to see some of my buds that graduated and go to school there now.

Do you guys have any recommendations of things to see/do in Boston while I'm there? Any authentic Italian spots that your particularly recommend? My grandparents are Sicilian but they're too old to cook like they use to, so I'd really like to be able get something truly authentic again, not common down here.

And just anything else you can recommend, I'd love to hear it.

Also, we're heading to the city for a day and grabbing an Airbnb, any 'must see's?' We're hitting Ground Zero, the Empire State Building and other classic tourist spots. Any hidden gems that some of you homegrown New Yorkers would recommend as well, food, bars, even just cool places to see/cool things to do? I know there are endless things but I'd like to hear from like minded people.

We're all hockey players so if there are cool hockey bars in NYC I'd put those at the top of the list.

I appreciate the help!

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1977CB750, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Boston - Italian food on the north end. You can't really go wrong over there.

For the city, lowkey good quick lunch place with several locations is the Smith.

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JackTheBad, what's your opinion? Comment below:

For NYC's hockey bar you should totally hit Finnerty's at 221 Second Avenue. For a Boston italian resturant, you have to visit Mike's Pastry at Hanover ST for the best sweets you'll ever taste, and check Maggiano's Little Italy at Columbus Ave for their Pasta. I hope I helped.

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Brosef Stalin17, what's your opinion? Comment below:

"Maggiano's Little Italy at Columbus Ave for their Pasta."

They have these in the SE and per my Italian friend, Maggiano's isn't even an Italian word

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JackTheBad, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I've been pressing the Shit button for an hour but it's not working. Maggiano is the name of the founder, it's common in Northern Italy.

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Tandem21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey man, I'd love to have some 'traditional' Chinese or Japanese food, don't really know much about their food culture other than the Americanized version. If you know a place with solid Japanese noodles/ramen, that would be awesome.

I love trying new beer as well, again don't really know anything about it, but I do know that I like amber beers if that helps.

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JustAnotherGuy55, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I have been enjoying a lot of ramen as of late. Boston - Chinatown - Shojo (Lunch only Ramen) - I had their ramen and it was great - great asian fusion food but less traditional.

Boston - Chinatown - Gourmet Dumpling House is great for Chinese food also can get busy. Also check out the hot pot places in Chinatown.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka - Cambridge/Harvard Sq - Longest wait for Ramen in the city but it is worth it

Sapporo Ramen isn't bad either they are in Davis Sq and Back Bay.

Pho Pasteur - If you like Pho I like it there and there is another Pho place nearby.

Shabu & Mein - East Cambridge - One side is hot pot and the other is ramen. Go for the hot pot, the ramen is okay.

Ganko Ittetsu Ramen - Brookline Coolidge Corner (Line C Green) - Busy small but great ramen.

Beer: Tip Tap Room - Beacon Hill - Great beer selection and rare meats(specials). The venison steak is amazing(special only), boar meat balls never let me down. Excellent brunch too.

The Publick House - Washington Square Brookline - Massive amounts of beer options. They have almost everything and the food tasty too.

Row 34 - Seaport District - Seafood and excellent beer selection.

Stoddard's Fine Food & Ale - Downtown Crossing - Lots of good stuff on tap and it changes a lot.

Lord Hobbo - Cambridge Bar with good beer.

Writing this alone makes me want to go to Tip Tap Room...

BirdoInBoston, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hoo boy, here we go:

For italian food, hit the north end. There's a little place just off Hanover Street...I think it's down the very first alley on the right side of the street (coming from the Financial District). Head back there and down some steps to find some of the finest italian bread the city has to offer.

Otherwise, walk into any restaurant and I'd be willing to bet you'll have a great meal.

You're in school and want bars, so i'll assume you're of drinking age. IN which case, you must try a Scorpion Bowl at the Kong in Harvard Square (but DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, EAT THE FOOD. TRUST ME. BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN). Instead grab some good pizza and beer at Cambridge 1 or head over to Alden + Harlow.

Mead Hall in Central Square/MIT Area also has a great beer selection.

Other cool places: Sunset Grille and Tap in Allston -- Yuge Beer selection. Their sister restaurant on Comm. Ave across from Agganis Arena (where BU Hockey plays) runs a similar concept but with Tequila. I spent many an undergrad night there. If you want a BC Hockey-ish Bar, head to Cityside in Cleveland Circle.

Tip Tap Room for dinner. Find some rare meat and excellent beer choices.

The Publick House in Brookline for the beer selection. The Golden Temple right around the corner for the Chinese food.

Since you'll be here and presumably free, hit the Cask tomorrow (or Friday) well before the game starts. Even better if you're still here on Sunday (get there early and hold on to you seat for dear life).

Sam Adams and Harpoon Brewery Tours are always good (Sam Adams can be hard to get to if you don't have a car).

Walk the Freedom Trail.

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Tandem21, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thanks for this man, I was debating on not posting here but I'm glad I did you guys are a wealth of knowledge.

Yeah my buddy actually lives in Cambridge, so we're going to try to hit some bars in the area, we were just going to shoot in the dark, so these recommendations help a ton. (He's only been there about a month)

What is the Harvard/BU/MIT bar scene like? I've never been to the area or any of their campuses and wouldn't mind giving it a look.

This sounds lame but I actually want to check out Harvards campus as well. Is it open enough to where a random couple of dudes could stroll through?

And yes I'll be there until Wednesday, I definitely want to be around when the Pats play and Tom comes back, I'm virtually a loner when it comes to being a Pats fan in the south east, so that will be awesome to be around!

I have tons of questions for you guys but I'll just post them as they come periodically.

Thanks for all the boys!

BirdoInBoston, what's your opinion? Comment below:

You'll be able to stroll through Harvard Yard but may not be able to get into many of the buildings (the Science Center is usually open). If you touch the shoe, be sure to wash your ain't just others hands that have been up there (and you'll know the shoe when you see it).

BU is a little weird -- a long and narrow campus. BUT, you have Fenway Park on one end (and all the trimmings that go with a place like Fenway right in Kenmore Square). Kenmore can get a little pricey if you're still in school; you can find some more reasonable places (but also more divey places) in Allston.

Harvard Square is easier to hit everything as it is a Square. Some nice bars and some dives here as well. If you touch the shoe, be sure to wash your ain't just others hands that have been up there if you catch my drift (and you'll know the shoe when you see it).

MIT -- I haven't spent much time in the Kendall/Central area. There are a few good spots in Central Square but between myself (BU) and my now-wife (who was at Harvard) we didn't spend much time there.

There's enough to do in town to fill a week. If you find yourself heading out to the suburbs (where all good monkeys go to spend their 30s with kids), let me know and I'll give you some spots to hit south of town.

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GridironCEO, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Strip by Strega/Or Strega Waterfront are the best Italian restaurants in the city look them up. Nick Varano is a pretty known restaurenteur that owns those restaurants. Mark Walhberg, Matt Damon, etc. all rep that place hard.

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southernstunna, what's your opinion? Comment below:

OP- Ernestos on the north end for pizza. Really cool local place, and way better than Regginos (or whatever it is called). I would just walk through the city from Back Bay to the North End. It will take most of the day, but you'll stumble upon some cool stuff- Boston Commons, Quincy Market, Old North Church, Bunker Hill Monument, etc...- during your walk.

SFlemming1, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Most of these recommendations (Shojo, Alden & Harlow, Sunset) are spot on. If you're in Cambridge, there are a few other spots I would add to the list:

Giulia (Harvard / Porter Sq.) - some of the best pasta I've ever had. It can bit difficult to get a table but totally worth the wait

Highland Kitchen (Somerville) - my favorite brunch spot in the Boston area by a long shot. Drinks are fantastic and the food is too.

Lone Star / Deep Ellum (Allston) - Fun, small bars that are short bus ride from Harvard. They're owned by the same group but have very different vibes - one specializes in tequila, the other in beer

Russell House Tavern (Harvard) - a bit of a generic spot that has very good cocktails at the downstairs bar

Darwin's (Harvard and Central) - Not a bar, but a well-loved sandwich shop with some creative combinations + pretty solid breakfast burritos. Harvard location is better but a bit tougher to get to

If you're looking to explore more of the city, I also recommend walking around the South End. Tremont Street has a ton of great bars and restaurants - you pretty much can't go wrong.

NFW, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If you're in Boston for a week I recommend: 1. Get bleacher/green monster tickets for one of the games against the Indians if you can. I'm not a baseball fan so I'm not a ticket price expert, but I saw the 7-5 win against the Yankees from the bleachers for like $50 which was well worth it. Go to a bar around Fenway beforehand just for the hell of it - it will almost certainly be insanely crowded, but it's a great atmosphere. 2. Go to the North End. Do not go to Mike's Pastries unless you enjoy waiting in line. There are plenty of other places like that in the North End that are just as good/better. Modern Pastry has better cannoli's (and if you're in the North End you'd better eat a cannoli, but is also quite the wait. I recommend Bova's which is not on Hanover Street, is almost certainly run by the mob (italian bakery open 24 hours and cash only, that's all you need right?) but they have cannolis that use a Florentine cookie as the shell and they're unreal. The place BirdoinBoston suggests that's down an alley is called Bricco and I agree wholeheartedly - great sandwiches. 3. Walk around Faneuil Hall - usually some good street performers. 4. Go to Coogans - dollar drafts. Usually a shit show. It's a good time. 5. Find a large, loud bar with a lot of Irish people that's playing that Patriots game to witness the return of Brady. This may be difficult to find in Boston, but you should try.

Finally: if you try to drive anywhere definitely use parkwhiz or something and pre-book parking unless you like spending $40 on a parking ticket/garage bill. If you pre-book you can usually pay under $10 by comparison.

Mr. LA, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Boston places to eat: Bisto Du Midi Mistral Menton Bondir Alden and Harlow Giulia L'Espalier Oleana Ostra O Ya Sarma Shepard Sweet Cheeks Tasting Counter Toro Strip by Strega Oishii

Places to go: Back Bay (Newbury. Boylston, Pru) Boston Waterfront Fenway/Boston University Freedom Trail Boston Harbor Boston Common

Nightime in Boston: Bijou Icon Tunnel Whiskey Saigon (if Asian) VenuNo matter what anyone says, avoid Royale

BirdoInBoston, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If you're a first year analyst eating at places like that, can you hook me up with a job?

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coneboy, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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