This case looks like a fat L. Dude ended up at MS via the e*trade acquisition (terrible deal for MS). It's an easy story to say that he was too senior / overcompensated for the role within the new post-merger MS organizational structure. Hilariously, this is all laid out in the complaint itself as his role gets shuffled around, he gets put onto various projects and another guy becomes his boss (see paragraph 30 or so).

Bro is malding because he got synergized.


>and we should Good to see how it goes
What did he mean by this

if you were fired because you’re white, then yes, that’s worthy of a lawsuit. But you better have proof.

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Hopefully they can get this pushed through to the supreme court. Get rid of SEO and other diversity programs / quotas.


Uh..95% of bankers do drugs on the job

Yeah... real life isn't like the movies, buddy.  95% of bankers aren't jacking off six times a day, either, despite whatever meme you just saw.


meanwhile you cry that you're excluded from jobs because you're black/brown (you're not, you just perform worse on average) yet we are LITERALLY kept from certain jobs (many times at the best firms) because we are White


Legit don’t know why people are shittingg on him. I am a at a BB top group and layoffs are veryyyyyyy subjective. FYI: I am a diversity hire. Example my group fired 3 people from my junior class which were all white males, and they weren’t bottom buckets. One got fired because he didn’t get along with a toxic VP in our group who was female but he was a upper mid bucket guy. From my experience people in my group who are getting fired are males who are not diversity. My group 3-4 years ago didn’t have many females now alot of our class is full of females who are white privileged females. Half of them are retarted, one girl legit didn’t know what a LBO was so it’s legit not a performance thing. Again from my personal experience people in my group, analyst and associates who got fired last june were non diversity male some deserved to get fired but other were legit great performers personality. I mean with all the layoffs that happened I haven’t seen a single female get fired from my
Group analyst to senior level….so pretty much in conclusion if you are a female you are protected…


No one's going to give you a gold medal for pulling up the ladder behind you, Vivek.


Yeah not really getting the shitting on OP as well. I mean, if you work at a BB (esp the U.S. ones), it’s basically common knowledge that the diversity folks are last to get laid off regardless of performance.


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