Massive Dilemma: Uchicago Vs. Cornell Vs. UVA

For those of you who may have (or had) as many options as I have, please read my forum and give me some advice. The second I entered Hotchkiss, it was always my destiny to reach a top 10 school in the nation. Now that I have these options, I'm unsure of what to do. I'm currently debating between UChicago, Cornell, and UVA. I EDed to Cornell and got in, but looking back, I don't want to go to what is considered the worst of the Ivy League. A good amount of people from my school are attending Cornell, and they are all antisocial losers who will never get a bid from a fraternity a day in their lives. I heard Cornell has decent Computer Science and Economics programs, though, so I am somewhat considering it, but the Greek Life also sucks. I also have a workaround way to cheat out of the ED contract, so I'm also considering doing that to choose another school.

My other options are UVA and UChicago. I got into UVA as well since it is in the state of residence, and my whole mother's side went there, but the ranking isn't in the top 20, so it's a little unappealing to me. The in-state tuition is nice, but I know my parents will pay for another school. As for UChicago, I have not officially gotten in yet, but I have already received a likely letter. My father is also a legacy, and he and the dean have a working relationship as the dean is a client of my father's fund. My GPA is also 3.72 weighted on a 5.0 scale (top 40 percentile) and a 1460 SAT (top 98 percentile). My GPA might not be the highest since during COVID, I was locked down in my family's vacation house in the French Riviera, where we typically summer. The time difference forced me to attend school starting around 2 PM, the same time my family would typically charter our catamaran. I wrote about this in my common app essay anyways to justify my worse grades, but I'm sure when the admissions officer sees my 1460 SAT (98 percentile), they will acknowledge I'm intellectually gifted enough to attend. Regardless, I'm confident I will be admitted into UChicago.

Right now, I'm kind of unsure of what to do. I know I can handsomely afford the tuition for Cornell and UChicago. UVA is a great school with great Greek Life, but I really only want to associate with the top fraternity people, not the in-state people who inhabit a lower tax bracket. Chicago is also great and has a prestigious and high ranking, but what scares me is the workload and difficulty. I am very used to only doing 30 minutes of homework daily, and I've only taken 5 total AP courses with the help of my tutor. However, my 1460 SAT (98 percentile) kind of gives me the idea that I'm smarter than 98% of the applicants applying anyways. Lastly, my other option is Cornell, which is too far known as the worst Ivy League school, and I'm not sure if I want to attend an unprestigious school like that. I'm also waiting to hear back from a bunch of the actually good Ivy League schools, but these 3 schools are my safeties so I'm trying to figure this out. Please keep the comments to only have relevant help. I also wish you all the best of luck with your college decisions and hope you're happy with whatever college you get into. Good luck!

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