Why is "Incel" used as the catch-all insult nowadays?

I've noticed(especially on this site) that whenever someone expresses an opinion concerning human interaction or the current state of the world that diverges from the mainstream, people often bring out the "oh you must be an incel" card. 

It honestly comes off as an extremely low iq and emotional take, especially for this site, which is primarily dominated by men. 

I'm honestly surprised by the amount of people that can't differentiate between internet behavior and in-person behavior. People act vastly different on the internet compared to how they act in person, after 20+ years of online exp I would have thought that most of you would understand that now, but alas some of you still struggle. It's actually very sad to see. 

For a site that primarily leans right and libertarian, I find it amazing that so many men on here have seemingly drank the feminist koolaid, and started to believe that certain viewpoints condemn you to inceldom.

Being an incel is 99% a function of your looks, not your behavior. This is something that many people struggle to accept. Some of the most vile and misogynistic men I know have no trouble having sex, because they have looks, while some of the nicest men I know are basically barren because they're ugly. It's actually funny to see women struggle with the fact that I'm attractive but hold views that are deemed to be wrong-thought under the current social regime, and it's even funnier to see the men that turn into white knight watchmen, ever vigilant for signs of what they construe to be misogyny so that some day they may sniff a mere crumb of pussy. 

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Pretty good descriptor for the majority of people that post here these days, which seems to more and more be comprised of sexually frustrated 20 year olds who find comfort in the rhetoric of certain demagogues who tell them that the source of their social failings is women and minorities. 

It's especially jarring when you've actually worked in investment banking, which is mostly comprised of normal, socially functional people. Really underpins how unrepresentative this place is of the industry.


Are you suggesting that we get a post here every other day from people asking basic-ass shit about how to speak to women and how to socialize with their coworkers because people are bored and role-playing as pathetic losers or something?


They are going to hate this post but it's true that the makeup of the members definitely changed over the years. I remember coming on here when I was super young like many others and there was the trolling & shitposting but I learned a lot from the very good posters on here - APAE, DingDong, Ssits, BlackHat, DickFuld, Eddie, etc + just some older but very informational posts from HF guys like Bondarb predicting the 08 crash in Aug. 2007. Now I don't know what this place has been reduced to - threads generally showing how socially inept people are on here, some kids crying about diversity every other week and somehow just realizing life is not meritocratic lol, and supposed conservatives showing as much hostility/intolerance to ideas they don't agree with as the left. I'm honestly struggling to understand what happened between then and now because it definitely wasn't like this.


Because liberals are conceited retards who sexualize everything and assume one could only oppose them because of sexual issues. 

"Incel" is also a pretty thinly-veiled class and ethnic insult. They know nothing about the sexual lives of those they call an incel, but there's a deeper thing going on. Everyone knows what they really mean are working and middle class, mostly white, males who are getting shafted by globalized capitalism and a culture run by media conglomerates and hostile academics. But since those people are deplorable, it's okay to laugh at them and stuff them full of opioids while they experience a worse standard of living than what their parents and grandparents got.


I think you're mistaking rednecks for incels.  I grew up around many rural folks and none of them are incels.  You're more likely to find an incel at a tech company than a trailer park.


Same here. Am pretty sure it has nothing to do with politics.


Because people know it will strike a cord if people attack on male biological & instinctual nature - mating.

The inability to mate means that man's genetic line will come to an end because no woman wants him. Society as a whole disregards him and want to expunge his genetic makeup. That man is resulsive to women, and being laughed at by men.

It's a general insult that can twist into a man's insecurities even if the attacker has no visibility of those vulnerabilities. 

Labeling a man 'an incel' is equivalent to trying to castrate him mentally, and it is a lethal attack in a hypersexualised society that we're having. 

Very effective toward young males with raging hormones, especially ones that have little to none experience with women.

But will have no effect toward more mature men. 


Yeah if you're ugly you're absolutely fucked. Women talk about about how "important" personality is, but what they fail to mention is that it only matters for the guys that pass a certain looks threshold. If you're below that threshold, you're essentially invisible, and no one gives a damn how "nice" you are, better off killing yourself tbh.

Edit: To the person who threw monkey shit at me, I apologize and you are completely right, women love ugly guys. My bad


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