MM Commercial Banking to BB Corporate Banking, possible??

So I'm pretty new at a commercial bank learning the ropes with credit training. The trajectory seems to be credit analyst for a couple of years then moving on to a Sales RM type role. But I'm only working on small/medium sized companies at the moment in a regional MM when I'm hoping to eventually move to Corporate Banking, hopefully in a BB. I don't hate commercial banking but just feel I would really enjoy working on more sophisticated products with larger clients in Corporate banking. Admittedly I'm still quite new and naive about how it all falls into place but now I'm worried my experience with smaller sized companies would pigeonhole me in the commercial bank forever.

How best should I attempt to transition and when? After credit training? When I'm a RM at the commercial bank? Or has the ship already sailed for me? Would love to hear of any success stories of commercial bankers moving into corporate banking! 

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MidasMulligan, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If "pretty new" means less than 12-18 months... just pump the brakes and enjoy the journey for now. 

You should not be attempting to figure out any transition until and unless you have mastered your current craft. If you're just learning the ropes; that's a ways off. By definition, you don't know enough to judge whether what you're working on is, in fact, "sophisticated" or not. Neither is there anything at all wrong with or limiting about working with smaller or mid-sized clients. If you are personally smitten with the prestige of being a tombstone-leading BB Corporate Banker; keep your eye on that prize. But don't discount the work and exposure that you're getting in your current role and think that it's just a waste of your time. 

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