I Built a Screenshot to Excel Converter...

Have been working on a website called Grabsheet (www.grabsheet.com) for the past several months with some friends who currently/did work in finance. We now have a few hundred users and have been getting some great feedback so far.

Background: We noticed that a decent amount of our time initially spreading numbers involved manually inputting data from tables into Excel. This wasn’t too bad for US companies on BamSEC, but particularly taking public filings from any other country or when using research reports, this could be a pain. We asked and looked around, and couldn’t find anything that seemed to quickly and securely take care of this conversion (there are a number of PDF to Excel converters online, but if you only needed a single table from a PDF or didn’t feel comfortable uploading an entire PDF to a website, the workaround was a hassle). 

That’s why we built Grabsheet, where you can screenshot a table (or you can upload up to 50 at once!) and convert just that into Excel while you work on other things. You can save yourself from the data entry, and focus on setting up your spreadsheet or anything else. Grabsheet is secure, unlike some of the other free PDF converters, in that we give users control over how their data is used; we never collect data that you do not want us to. 

If you have any suggestions or feature ideas, would love to hear them :) 


TLDR; Built a website that takes images of tables and converts them into formatted Excel files in under a minute.

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so you forget to cancel and they charge you

If I get downvoted, definitely OP, so take it as a validation of my post

If you aren't already I encourage you to utilize your Acrobat pro subscription first, you can save that picture as an image, open it in Acrobat PDF, and then convert that PDF to XLS

Now OP - if you tell me you have a neural network trained behind this to boost outcomes and its not just AWS Textract... that would be sweet. I'll use it.

Thanks for the suggestion! We decided to initially focus on image to Excel as there're a number of free services out there for full PDF to Excel. However, if there're multiple tables in a PDF, you can upload multiple images at once to save you more time with Grabsheet :) 

Let us know if that works for you, or there's a different workflow you had in mind! 

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