PhD for PE/VC

I am a rising sophomore at one of HK top3.

My end goal is to get into some sort of PE/VC/growth equity.
I know the most common way is to first go through ib and then recruit for pevc. But looking at my classmates who are all hardos with 4+/4.3 GPA and 3+ internships in thier freshman year, I'm pretty sure I have no chance of getting into investment banking or MBB.

So I'm just thinking, is there a different path?
How about phd/postdocs? Can they get into PEVC? (I know this route is not gonna be easy so I'm just asking and trying to get more info on it)
How difficult it would be for phd/postdocs to get into PEVC? Would you say this route is "viable"? Would you advise someone to do this?

My major is biology related (not sure if this info is relevant but I'll just include it...)

Sorry for my shitty English

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Aug 2, 2022 - 12:31pm
SuperBambino, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Getting into VC with a PhD is "viable" for people with PhDs, if they fit certain criteria.

Planning on getting a PhD to get into VC while you're a 2nd year is ludicrous. It is by no means the path of least resistance. 

The PhD stage:

1. You'll have to smash your masters. 

2. You'll have to have a convincing thesis to get yourself on a PhD program

3. You'd have to slog through x years of academia

4. You'd have to do all of this while foregoing years and years of income

The application stage:

1. You'll have to build a VC network so people even know who the hecc you are. Your network by this time will most likely be miles and miles behind peers who went straight into finance/consulting/law/operations/entrepreneurship. 

2. You'll have to gain the skills needed for VC, which your peers would have developed already in their junior IB/consulting/whatever roles, while you were in the lab running test tubes through a chromatograph or in the library writing your thesis.

3. Even once you do get these skills, you'll have to overcome the stigma that PhDs are academics and academics only so that you even get a chance to prove you have the skills. 

Yes, PhDs and postdocs can get into VC, usually because they are INTERESTED and an EXPERT in a certain field, not because they have a PhD. The papers they write, the research they do, is what makes them candidates for VC

Aug 2, 2022 - 6:00pm
refrigerator, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Ea placeat tenetur veritatis ut possimus et. Repudiandae sed placeat molestias deleniti sint magnam.

Non saepe totam magni exercitationem quisquam placeat. Dolor non fuga hic placeat nisi nobis tempore omnis. Itaque vitae aut aperiam quisquam modi.

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