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Hey guys. Incoming IB analyst here. To give some quick background, I'll be working at a middle market boutique in Chicago starting September. Deal flow is roughly $6 bn/year, but not sure how that stacks up to the other MM players in Chicago. Studied finance at a flagship state school and am looking to break into MM PE with a focus on SaaS.

Came across Alpine Investors and I've been devouring information on them to get a better understanding of their strategy and what the firm does.

Unfortunately, they don't seem to hire banking analysts for associate roles, and hire almost exclusively from HYP for SA to analyst converts. Of course, my knowledge is fairly limited, so I was wondering if any of you guys could fill me in on the details.

  1. Do they hire IB analysts for associate roles? If so, would they consider boutique bankers? Would they hire for associate roles or ask to restart as analysts?

  2. Assuming they do hire IB analysts, would it be wise for me to reach out to them directly? If yes, should I contact their associates/VPs? If no, which headhunter do they use, if at all?

  3. I'm currently going through their playbook and I'm trying to learn about general investing strategies that tech-focused PE firms use to invest in/buyout software companies. Where can I find literature on what makes a good investment in this space, and how PE firms aim to grow and develop these firms?

I'd really love to work here. At first glance, it seems like the company has a really strong culture and I would love to be considered for an investing role by them. I also want to as prepared as possible to speak intelligently for any opportunity that may come by-tech PE or otherwise.

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Charlie-Brown1, what's your opinion? Comment below:
  1. They do not run a recruiting process for IB analysts for associate roles. Their entry point is the SA, which they convert to full-time analysts. That being said, you can always reach out to recruiting at the company and pitch your personal story and case.

  2. They don't hire IB analysts, but it wouldn't hurt for you to reach out directly. Best point of contact is talent - as listed on their website. They don't use a headhunter.

  3. Investment strategy differs firm to firm. Of course there are some general trends - email subscriptions such as Pitchbook, etc. help. Reading news presses about why firms invested in X company can also provide some insight. I would reach out to analysts, associates, etc at the firm through linkedin and they can speak more to their investing strategy over the phone.

The company has a very people-centric and overall phenomenal culture. Good luck in your process!

1052098, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Thank you so much for this information-I really appreciate it. after going through a couple of profiles on LinkedIn, it seems that some people have actually joined Alpine from other full-time roles, albeit from the analyst level. Nevertheless, there remains some hope for me to join this firm, and I'll reach out to a few analysts/associates on LinkedIn first and then decide whether sending an email to their recruiting address would be appropriate.

Once again, thank you for this information. Have a great week ahead.

harveyspankster, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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