Should I go for a second PE internship after completing an IB and PE internship for FT recruiting?


I am currently a final-year student at a target university and am looking to get a job in IB (preferably in London). At the moment, I have completed an internship in IB, with around EUR 30bln value in deals advised on in the last few years, so it is not particularly small. However, it is also not a large name, such as BB. In this internship, I got to complete some valuation models, work on synthesizing company information and market trends, and actually got to contribute a lot to presentations we made in the team. In addition, I will also complete a PE internship (with AUM of over EUR 2bln) over the next few months. Again, this is a regionally known PE, but not one of the big players with really big AUM. Now, I have the option of pursuing another internship in PE from June until the end of August in a similarly sized fund with likely more or less similar responsibilities, though it would give me a few months more of experience. 

My plan in terms of tackling recruiting itself is that I want to participate in this program my university organizes in the middle of September to actually go to London and directly meet with relevant bankers, which I have been told is a key pipeline into London recruiting. Note that I need to apply for this before that second internship would actually start. I would only have a line to indicate I am set to start that internship and little more. 

That is also where I have an issue. If I would pursue the additional internship, I would also need to delay my graduation by about 3 months, have significant less time for my exams and thesis (which is important with respect to my GPA), and of course also costing me valuable time I would otherwise like to spend in general. Moreover, I reckon I would also have more time to prepare my story, resume, and alike without that internship. 

With that said, would that second PE internship make a significant difference with respect to how attractive banks in London (I am not selective about the specific banks, such as only GS) would find my profile if I already have got an IB and PE internship?

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