“Field Research” Analyst overview?

Hi all. I'm wondering about the comp, responsibilities, skills I could learn, and outlook as a Field Research analyst (entry-level) at a top brokerage (JLL, CBRE, CW) in a secondary West coast market. Asset class would be office and the function is essentially to assist with broker requests (whatever that means lol).

Few questions then:

1) Other entry-level positions seem to have a clear career path with obvious transferable skills you can learn. For example, a valuation/ appraisal analyst learns how to appraise property which could be value in a career in acquisitions. An underwriting analyst learns how to underwrite properties which could be useful for moving over to investment sales. A debt and structured finance analyst learns how  to understand debt financing which could be used in the capital markets segment. So… what tangible skill does a "field research" analyst learn? The only thing I can think of is learning how to have boots on the ground, which could prepare you for a role as a broker. How do these different analyst positions compare in terms of career trajectories? How transferable are the skills one would learn as a field research analyst?

2) How does the comp for this role compare to others? Is $70k all-in asking too much for this entry-level position? 

3) Would I have the opportunity to use Argus or do any kind of analysis or modelling (DCF, direct cap, or other)? Or is the role to input data into cells and simply compile information? 

4) What are some of the day-to-day responsibilities? Would it be a lot of phone calls to gather info, updating databases? Would it involve travelling locally, maybe to do canvassing or picking up documents for brokers (like running errands)?

5) If the answers to the above questions are overwhelmingly negative, what are the redeeming qualities of this position? Would the brand name of a top brokerage on my resume be enough to choose this job over, say, any of the other analyst positions in a mid-market brokerage firm (all else equal, like pay, hours, etc.)?

Whatever insights you have, direct or indirect or even anecdotal, please share. Very interested to hear what people have to say. Thanks!

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Mar 16, 2022 - 3:07pm
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