Interview Update

I recently had an interview through a referral for a senior associate role. Given the referral they expedited the interview process  and I interviewed with all necessary parties in one round.

The MD had mentioned they’ll go through the process and if I get an offer during the time I should provide them an update so they can provide an answer 

I followed up with HR last week Monday for an update and she got back to me Friday saying the team enjoyed speaking with me and she’ll probably have an update next week (this week)

Based on this do I have a chance in getting this job? Any insight would be appreciated. Recent layoffs had an impact and there aren’t many opportunities available, hence, the eagerness.

Most Helpful

A month is nothing. It feels like a long time to you, especially since you were recently laid off, but it honestly that is nothing for filling a spot, especially right now where it is more of an employers market and they can be picky. 

I just posted a spot myself. I have someone who was recommended to me that I spoke with last week that I like. I still have to post the job externally and will most likely need to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks for resumes to come/be reviewed before I can move the whole group to a 2nd round. 

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  • UBS AG 16 97.8%

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