Working Two Internships at the Same Time (Part-time remote + full-time in-person)

Hey guys, current freshman with 3 summer internship opportunities that I'm considering.

  1. Paid part-time remote internship w/ search fund (10 hours a week)

  2. Credit analyst intern at a well-known non-financial services company (9-5, got an offer but some logistical issues came up so it might fall through) 

  3. Pension administration intern at this benefits/pension administration firm (9-5)

Definitely not the most IB related but I got rejected everywhere else. 

Resume is currently okay-ish?? (main things to note are an analyst position w/ 2nd largest investment club at my school and diversity mentorship/training program w/ a big 5 bank), but I still have a few high school things in there that I should probably take out before sophomore year. 

Problem is I don't have enough to replace my hs stuff with if I just take one internship. Should I take a FT role + the search fund or just the search fund or just a FT role? Because I feel like the ROI on these FT roles is lower than if I spent the time studying technicals/networking, which I might not have time for if I do both since I have some big family commitments this summer.

Sry for long post and thanks a lot in advance 


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