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Hey all,

Apologies in advance if there is another forum for this, but I was wondering if anyone would give me an honest take on what b schools I’d be looking at if I were to apply.

I’m an HLS grad with 5 years of biglaw M&a with a bit of IP lit. I did engineering UG at MIT (pretty bad gpa, low 3s, engineering was hard for me lol)

I took the past few years off to pursue a passion project in art. Had a few pieces featured in some fairly big shows.

Life circumstances have changed and I want to get back into the professional grind. I always played around with the idea of B school, and even applied to do the jd/mba at H but was rejected likely due to bad Ug gpa and not enough work exp. I figure my work exp is sufficient now, and I have an 8 year old GMAT of 760 (I’ll probably have to retake but my guess is it shouldn’t drop lower than mid 700s). And putting aside whether b school is even a good idea for me at this point, what schools do you fine people think I’d have a shot at? Many thanks and looking forward to your responses!


Hey there,

Based on the most helpful WSO content, your profile seems quite strong. You have a law degree from HLS, 5 years of biglaw M&A experience, and an engineering degree from MIT. Even though your undergrad GPA was on the lower side, your work experience and GMAT score (760 is impressive!) can help offset that.

Your unique experience in art could also add a distinctive flavor to your application, making you stand out from other candidates.

As for the schools you'd have a shot at, it's hard to say without more information. However, given your background, you could potentially be a strong candidate for top-tier business schools.

Remember, each school has its own unique culture and looks for different qualities in its applicants. So, it's crucial to tailor your application to each school you apply to.

And don't forget, the GMAT score is just one part of your application. Admissions committees also consider your essays, recommendation letters, and interviews. So make sure to put your best foot forward in all these areas.

Hope this helps, and best of luck with your applications!

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Most people (including me) are going to be unable to provide first hand experience on applying to b school with such a diverse path

That being said you should have a great shot at any top B school program including H/S given your great pedigree (HLS, big law, and MIT UG even with a lower GPA). My one recommendation is to shell out for a good admissions consultant since they can really help you craft a tight, cohesive story which is going to be especially important for you given your diverse experience

Best of luck!


Thank you PE Associate :). Really appreciate your feedback and definitely agree that if I were to apply I'd shell out $ for the consultant. I recently started giving though to just applying to management consulting firms instead of b-school, and hopefully after grinding a few years at a good one (assuming I get an offer...) I'd have the tools and resume I need for a good corp strategy job or maybe even higher leadership given my legal background as well??  A guy can dream


MBB is all about prestige / pedigree so you likely would check the box for them. 

The only thing is you’d be coming in at the same level as someone right out if MBA. Nothing wrong with that ofc it’s just they are going to want a clear answer to why you want to do that after what seems like a decade or so of work experience. As long as you have a good story/reasoning you should be fine.

That all being said we hire two of the MBB firms fairly regularly for CDD support at my PE firm and I’ve heard more than one passing remark from their partners that business has broadly been tough for them in last year. I’d imagine this has an adverse effect on hiring so just something to be aware of.

MBB is still the worlds c-suite factory though so if your goal is to aim for that I think b-school —> 3+ years of MBB —> industry would still be a viable path for you (but you should probably research this more before making decisions since I obviously have more limited experience here).


Thanks again PE assoc.  Yeah, I think from all the trades and seeing discussions on forums, it's a really bad time for business and management consulting specifically. Kinda makes sense given the economy in general.

I'm now playing around with the idea of just applying to MBB and skipping b-school entirely. Still remains to be seen if I can even get an interview, but who knows, crazier things have happened :)


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