Decision Advice Umich (denied by Ross) vs UT Austin Mccombs Finance

I'm faced with a dilemma with my decision for undergrad between Umich (denied by ross) vs UT Austin Mccombs any advice would be appreciated. One thing to note is that tuition isn't a factor. Here are the pros and cons of each.



  1. I would major in Mathematics of Finance and Risk Management which is a really interesting major to me and I would have the ability to minor in business at Ross, or comp sci and go into quant finance, or potentially economics. Could also pursue a data science major. I would have a lot more ability to explore different fields/jobs since I feel like I have a passion for more than just business.
  2. I've always wanted to go here (probably the biggest factor). My dad went to Ross, my brother is a junior at Ross, and two of my cousins are also in Ross. I grew up supporting them through all sports and everything, in general, has always been my dream for me to go to Umich. Love the campus and everything about it.
  3. Having a lot of families already in Ross they've told me that they can help a lot in getting into clubs and business frats since they'll have pull which is what they say is key in being able to go into Finance after college more so than even being in Ross alone.
  4. Umich is more widely recognized and established through all parts of the country and world rather than just a particular region


  1. I got denied by Ross and I'm not sure how I would feel going to Umich and constantly being reminded of that and how my whole family is in Ross lol.
  2. Wouldn't technically be a business major which from what I've heard at Michigan doesn't matter very much but still is a factor to consider.
  3. Would definitely have to work a decent bit harder to get the same opportunities in business considering I'm not in Ross.

UT Austin Mccombs


  1. Got accepted into Mccombs and would be able to pursue a straightforward finance degree (likely with a math minor/major)
  2. Really liked the campus and the overall vibe, Austin is dope asf (the weather is a plus over Umich)
  3. Mccombs has a lot of resources and the from what I've heard is quite a bit less competitive than Umich.
  4. Mccombs is the 7th best undergrad business school and 4th for finance


  1. It's not Umich lol
  2. I hate that I have this feeling and I've been trying to get rid of it but it feels subpar and just the safe option
  3. Most people end up in Texas after graduation or somewhere in the south (not necessarily
    bad I just would like to have more options)

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  • Prospect in IB-M&A

McCombs student here. Won't argue that Ross places better but UT has a good set of placements in cities across the nation assuming you work hard enough for it. WSFM routinely sends a large majority of their class (which is going to grow more over the years, class of 2025 is 50 as of right now) to New York, but kids still go to SF, LA, Chicago, Dallas and Houston. More placement in the south is just due to the alumni network and kids wanting to stay closer to home.

Austin is awesome, really easy to have a good time here. Any other questions and I'll be happy to answer.

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solanpatel, what's your opinion? Comment below:

That's really interesting, thanks a lot for the info.

  • VP in S&T - Other

McCombs alum, so have some bias. From what I have seen, much of the Texas placement is from self-selection as the poster above noted. UT has a much smaller OOS population, so many of the students are aiming to stay in Texas after graduation.

Given that you were an OOS admit, where the admissions competition is a higher hurdle, I think it would be easier to set yourself apart from the average at McCombs and be competitive for some of the top positions available for undergrads. McCombs places well on average, but I've seen some very strong placement in NYC and otherwise for the top few deciles of the class, which it seems like you'd have a good shot at.

Alumni network is strong at both schools, but UMich is likely the safer option for NYC. Their alumni base in the city is pretty incredible.

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solanpatel, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I apologize if I have the wrong impression but I actually am an in-state admit, however, I wasn't an auto admit top 6% of my class or even 10% which from what I've seen makes it for a very low acceptance rate of around 10% (likely even lower for McCombs). I do understand, however, that statistic is eliminating the top 6% in terms of GPA from every high school in Texas which are some of the most competitive applicants. Even so, I do agree with your point that I can stand out at McCombs because I know people who go there now and are doing really well in terms of GPA that I would consider myself comparable to academically. Thanks again for your advice.

  • VP in S&T - Other

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