ESADE vs IE MiF as EU resident


I have been admitted to both IE and ESADE for their master in finance program for the next intake and was wondering which one is the best between these? I am also waiting on ESSEC but it's not on top of my list as I wish to study abroad ideally plus I am learning Spanish (C1 level currently) so studying in Spain didn't seem like a bad compromise.

I am French and looking to break into IB (M&A ideally), I have read that both programs were similar but I wonder if it really comes down to personal preference.
The pros and cons I have listed for each are:

-More focused on IB (?)
-Lower fees
-Paid the reservation fee already

-Barcelona is a cool city but IB market in Spain is in Madrid
-No OCR?

-Located in Madrid

-Higher fees
-Less of a focus on IB (?)
-Heard mixed review about the school's reputation

I want to recruit for Spain since I'll probably join one of these schools but also wondering about the best choice when thinking about London and Paris too alongside Madrid.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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