ESCP MiM (PGE) vs UCL MSc Finance for non EU

I'd like to know which is the better choice for a non-EU citizen who would like to work in France or the UK after graduation? Not necessarily in IB (although that would be my dream goal), I just want to work in the UK, France, or UAE and either settle there or move to Asia (HK/SG/UAE) after a few years. Which school is the better choice career-wise? UCL's brand would be much more recognisable in Asia compared to ESCP but ESCP seems to be much better in Europe as it is (apparently) considered a target school for IB in France and the UK. I suppose that large firms in Asia would value UCL over ESCP as it is more globally known.

Note: I speak French fluently so language would not be an issue for France

The text below is concerning immigration policies that I'd have to consider as a non-EU citizen. If you are unfamiliar with immigration policies, I would also like to hear about your opinion on the two universities without considering immigration issues!

Also, UCL would make me eligible for golden visas and similar policies given its global ranking. This would allow me to live and work in countries with such policies (such as HK/Dubai/Netherlands), but I'm not sure I can say the same about ESCP. In addition to that, I can't guaranteeI will have the chance to go to the Paris campus at ESCP (which would make me eligible for a job search visa after graduation) and I don't know if I would be eligible for a UK graduate visa after ESCP. That means there is a risk I'll have to go back to my home country after graduation since I will need something like a Skilled Worker Visa to work in Europe which is much more difficult to get.

Thanks in advance!

The thing is, I feel like I won't be able to find good jobs after a MSc at UCL compared to the MiM at ESCP. Wouldn't work experience be more important if I go to Asia after getting a few years of WE?

In Europe I'd say ESCP, no brainer for France obviously but arguable for UK. Might depend on your previous academic/pro experience, ESCP is know for placing very well (kinda comparable to LBS but only for France).

About London being the financial capital in Europe, idk how it is going to change tbh. Will have to see long-term Brexit/Ukraine consequences. If you don't care that much about France vs UK and do not plan to move after you might as well chose France.

Did you come up with these 2 programs because you have been admitted and have to make a choice ? 

Yes, I've been admitted but to ESCP's London campus. If I don't get the Paris campus later I might not even be able to use the ESCP brand in France ... If I'm not wrong just being able to study one semester on the Paris campus would make me eligible for a work visa in France

Well, I have to consider visa issues given that I'm not an EU-citizen and if I can't study on the Paris campus then French firms would need to justify hiring a foreigner. This would, in theory (not sure how serious these policies are), make finding a job more difficult. If I can study in France then I could apply for a "job search visa" and look for jobs in France without worrying about it

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