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Hey all,
First time on here, so I apologize if I break any forum rules. I am currently a junior in the midwest, and I want to get into IB/Quant/ just finance in general. I wanted to know my chances from some schools. As of now, my stats are  4.4 GPA, 35 act (may improve in the future), started a comp sci (2 years) and econ club (just this year, competing in national econ challenge later on), 2 internships (one with a big bank, one with a local accounting firm, and possibly one with a wealth management firm). I'm enrolled in dual enrollment classes at the local accredited community college and will have ~60 credits from that and another 15-20 Ap credits (also have ap scholar with distinction). I work two jobs rn but will be one soon at a grocery store and the other as a manager at a local fast food place. I used to be a tutor (both as a job and as a volunteer)  I started a chess tutor service that tutored around 1k people during the pandemic. Does anyone know what colleges I should aim for with these types of stats?
Thank you,

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