International student in US target school > interested in UK IB

Hello, I'm an international student from Asia studying at Wharton (undergrad). It does seem like the recruiting situation for international students even at Wharton is getting worse and worse. Now, I'm looking at the opportunities in the UK. Is it easier to get a BB IB job as an international in UK than in the US? Should I network and apply when I'm at Wharton or do I need to pursue some finance masters (e.g. Oxford, LBS)  after graduating from Wharton to increase a chance? Thank you!


Go see Pan European Monkey's Top 20 question about IB in london to get a sense of the recruiting process over there. I'm p sure that its almost impossible to land a job in London without having gone to a target in the UK because networking isn't as big a deal over there. Thus, you prolly have to go do masters at a target to have a shot.

Edit: go see this thread where they discuss the same issue 


Lots of international applicants in London.. forget what the other commenter said. That said, bear in mind that you’re competing with not just UK UGs but also UK / Continental European MScs, Asian UGs, US UGs, African UGs etc. For a smaller number of spots. So whilst London is theoretically more open to international applicants the competition is fierce because of it.

Plan of action should be to recruit for spring weeks in your sophomore year, then summer internships in your junior year, then summer internships again in your senior year (if you didn’t get anything the year prior) and, as last resort, summer internships / off-cycle internships during a target masters. Don’t even bother applying FT anywhere unless you have prior formal summer internship experience. 

With that many shots you should be able to land something. 


Yeah, I'm sure the dude at Wharton is going to get his spot taken away from him by someone at an African UG.


Hey I'm an international student at a target (not Wharton). I did recruiting this year and it was not bad at all for international as long as you were prepared. Happy to chat (pm you) or answer any questions here


yes, next summer I will work with CPT but they will sponsor my H1B if I get return offer


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