Master's Program Recommendations for IB

Hello everyone,

I'm a third-year student from Bocconi, expecting to graduate with a first-class degree. Currently, I'm in a Big 4 advisory role and had a corporate finance internship the previous year.

Given my background and career aspirations in IB, I'm evaluating some top-tier master's programs, such as Vanderbilt's MSF, MIT's MFin, HEC's MSc in International Finance, and LBS's MFA

Would love to get insights and suggestions:

  • How would you rank these programs for IB placement?
  • Are there any other programs you think I should consider given my profile?

Thank you for your insights!


The American ones are okay but not the best and doing a Masters for recruiting in NYC IB is not really the best move i think.
If you wanna go to London the choice is obviously LBS but you'll need a very strong GMAT/GRE,same with HEC but maybe a little less as i've heard they are easier on internationals.


It depends on where you want to work in the future:
- MiT MFin is top for NY, especially for quantitative positions. For IB, you'll be competing with a lot of American undergrads, so it can be complicated...
- LBS/LSE/Imperial are your best options for London because you're already there, which means you can take part in each bank's events, have coffee with professionals and benefit from the large alumni networks


The thing is, MSFs aren't the flagship programs in the US, so doing MIT doesn't guarantee you a BB job in NY.
Starting out in London is for me the best option, because with a target program you'll have a very good chance to land a BB (or even directly a good PE) which will then allow you to transition to the US if you wish.


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