University of St. Gallen then transfer to US target?

Hey guys,

I've recently posted a thread talking about my current situation as it is quite unusual.

I am 19 years old and have the chance to attend University of St. Gallen which is a target school for IB in Zürich and Frankfurt, my family and I are going to move to the United States at the end of this year/beginning of next year. I would like to know whether or not it would be possible for me to transfer from Switzerland to a target in the US like UMich Ross which is partnered with USG or if I should just do my best on the upcoming SAT and try applying to US target schools immediately. USG would be ridiculously easy for me to get into so I could use that as a stepping stone. Unfortunately I don't have stellar extracurriculars because I was very ill the last 3 years and to be honest the german public school system didn't really help - for more info on my situation check out my last thread.

My goal would be working in IB in Houston or New York, I'd rather go to a target school that doesn't restrict me on working in a specific city.

What do you guys think?

Has anyone transferred from a non UK european target to a US target?

yeah, that's doable, but to be honest I do not want to stay in Europe. I would love to work in the US immediately upon graduation so I guess it's just hustling for the SAT and applying to targets there. 

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