Vanderbilt MSF Profile Evaluation- Chances of being Accepted...

Hi all - I graduated from undergrad this past December and am applying to Vanderbilt's MSF program before the end of round 4. My goal is to rebrand myself and have another shot at full-time recruiting for IB analyst roles if admitted to the program.

I wanted to come on here and ask what my chances of being admitted are and if I need any areas of improvement. Thank you!

Here are my stats:

*Test Scores: Vanderbilt approved my GMAT waiver, and I have not taken the GMAT yet

*School/Major: Big 10 non-target school; major in finance, minor in economics

*GPA: 3.60 Cumulative GPA

*Internships/ Co-ops: 1) year-long boutique IB internship, 2) two search fund (PE) internships, 3) three-month-long equity research Co-op

*Extracurriculars/Leadership: year-long competitive diversity career prep program, competitive hedge fund mentorship program, finance executive position for one of the clubs at my school……..I also did finance-related research for an economics professor of mine during the fall semester.

*Recommendations: Both the econ professor I did research for and one of my managing directors at the boutique IB I am interning at agreed to write me letters of recommendation.

I look forward to reading the feedback. Thanks, everyone!

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  • Prospect in IB - Gen

What did you do to make them approve your GMAT waiver? How did that work? Overall, I think you have great chances of getting in!

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  • Prospect in IB - Gen

Of course I don't think you should worry considering your GPA combined with experience and recommendations. Did you ask them or what was the process like in terms of the waiver?

  • Intern in IB - Gen

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