Equity Finance = FO?

Is it trading? Pay/bonus compared to other trading desks/roles (e.g. Rates Desk)?

Job Description
Global Markets Division, Equity Financing, Associate, London
Our core value is building strong relationships with our institutional clients, which include corporations, financial service providers, and fund managers. We help them buy and sell financial products on exchanges around the world, raise funding, and manage risk. This is a dynamic, entrepreneurial team with a passion for the markets, with individuals who thrive in fast-paced, changing environments and are energized by a bustling trading floor.

At Goldman Sachs, our culture is one of teamwork, innovation and meritocracy. We often say our people are our greatest asset and we take pride in supporting each colleague both professionally and personally. From collaborative work spaces and ergonomic services to wellbeing and resilience offerings, we offer our professionals the flexibility and support they need to reach their goals in and outside the office.

Business Unit Overview

The Equity Finance team is made up of traders, engineers and strats who together strive to make Goldman Sachs' financing platform the most competitive in the market. This is achieved by focusing on data quality, efficient decision making and seamless execution. The team has significant interaction externally with hedge fund clients and funding counterparts as well as internally with Corporate Treasury, risk teams and other trading desks. This group is responsible for determining pricing and resource allocation for clients across the financing space as well as managing capital and liquidity across Equities globally. Over the past three years, our team has benefited from a sizable investment in people and technology, reflective of the importance that senior management has placed upon our efforts.

Key responsibilities:

  • Grow and manage Equity funding capacity and develop new funding structures.

  • Develop solutions to mitigate RWA/capital footprint for the Prime and Equities Franchise

  • Work with engineers to optimise collateral allocation and cheapest to deliver opportunity across all funding trades.

  • Contribute as part of the Global team in managing capital and liquidity constraints through execution in partnership with Equities desks

  • Aid the Global team in coordinating and managing the liquidity footprint of trading activities across Equities

  • Become an expert on internal models and external regulation

  • Contribute to improving the teams daily workflows

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Aug 12, 2022 - 11:36pm
mayoineko, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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