How does Gelber Group rank in relation to other prop trading shops?

Is anyone familiar with their new hire grad program and Is this a good place to be straight out of college?

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Would take probably 90% of prop shop offers over S&T no matter what if you want to trade for sure. To basket the firms into 4 categories and not get too crazy I'd say like: 

S: CitSec, Jane, HRT, Jump

T1: Optiver, DRW, SIG, IMC

T2: Akuna, CTC, Maven Securities, Flow Traders

T3: Belvedere, Transmarket, Gelber, Valkyrie, Wolverine, Peak6

Tons of other firms too so I might've missed some big ones. But I would take all of these over an S&T role at a bank unless comp was significantly below market which from what I've heard the only one below 100K might be Valkyrie.

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No idea about CTC or TMG but agree with this ranking. if you are really interested in trading, should choose them over S&T. Maybe hesitate a bit for T3's if you get the offer from strong trading desks in BB(ex: credit in Nomura HK, EQD in GS UK, etc)

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