JPM and Citi application status


I rarely post on WSO, mostly just read forum topics to gain insight. I'm a Junior at a non-Target. I had some pretty Solid leads from Alumni at JP Morgan and Citi Group. My lead at Citi is Sales & Trading. My leads at JPMorgan are in Private Wealth Management in Chicago and Dallas. At JPMorgan I submitted an app in January for the following:

Sales and Trading
Commercial Banking
Private Banking

At Citi:


I have not heard back from either. I talked to my contact in Citi and he said he's been talking to the HR person about my resume. He said their still reviewing my information. I haven't talked to the leads at JPM.

My first choice is Citi or JPM S&T (that's why I posted in trading).

My question is, should I be worried? I've seen a lot of summer analysts from both banks posting on WSO about superdays, offers, etc.

Thanks for the insight.

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mrvau, what's your opinion? Comment below:

"At JPMorgan I submitted an app in January for the following:

PWMSales and TradingCommercial BankingPrivate Banking "

Applying to TWO divisions may be already a little risky. But applying to FOUR... and you wonder you they didn't get back to you. No comments. lol

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Dr Barnaby Fulton, what's your opinion? Comment below:

I didn't know it was poor form to apply to various divisions? I was encouraged to apply for CM as well by the guy from Citi.

Any recommendations on where to look as far as back ups? Obviously there's prop shops, investment management funds etc, but I would really take any offer I could get.

xnslw3, what's your opinion? Comment below:

If you still haven't heard back for even first-round interviews by now, you should start looking at other options --it's already mid-Feb and superdays and offers are already being made/finalized with most BBs. But keep following up on your current contacts, I guess.

JKN, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Wow, I am surprised how much of a similar situation we both are in.

I have an alumni at Citi who is endorsing me and a few people at J.P. Morgan who is pushing my resume through for S&T. My contacts are pretty high up in the hierarchy but I still haven't heard back from either bank. A few of my friends who works at the banks said they should've already contacted people for first-rounds and Superdays.

As only a Sophomore I didn't really expect to get anything so I am currently looking at other options. I think you should be hopeful yet realistic at the same time and seek other opportunities for backups.

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rcs131, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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