Masters Programs at Rice University

Rising junior studying finance at a different school. While I’m confident in my abilities to land a scheduling role or place in a grad development program for physical trading, I feel like having a masters would help me land a better FT position upon graduating or just give me better odds at a company of my choosing. I’m looking at the Master of Energy Economics at Rice. Ideally I would like a Master of Statistics - I took calc BC in high school and got my 5s on the AP exams but haven’t take calc 3 or linear algebra, both which are required for the program. Would love to hear any insights to their programs, thoughts, or recommendations. Thanks.


Personally I don’t know of any trading firms that target this particular masters program at Rice.  But there is a huge emphasis on Texas A&M’s TRIP masters so if you happen to go there know that is a very good option.   I’m sure an energy related masters degree at Rice would look fine for an unsolicited generic internet job application but I get the impression that is more for corporate roles at big energy firms and not necessarily a trading feeder.  


I do go there and will be applying in the fall semester, just trying to come up with backups should it not workout. With that added info do you have any further recommendations?

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My preference in your spot would be:

Graduate level TDP at BP or any of the newer programs (assuming that they are legit- do some due diligence on those)

Analyst at a bank

TRIP masters (would say it’s placement is so strong that it’s better than a generic entry level analyst or ops role) 

Generic entry level role at a major, utility

Masters program in a quant field (hard to value that vs the immediate above option- those don’t really connect directly with commodities but would look good on an app)

Analyst role at a consulting firm that does market research on energy trading - some limited cases of movement but not very high paying for juniors and not particularly well respected in the industry 


Really appreciate this insight, can I pm with 1 more quick question?


What TRIP does offer you is the network you create during your time in the program through your internships (three mandatory). The TRIP guys I have known all came out of school with three or more offers. This is simply a guaranteed way to enter the business, wouldn’t say it gets you a better role, although it could. For instance, many go to middle office roles, some to operations, and a number to various rotational programs etc.. Know some that have gone to shell GDP, which really only affords you the opportunity to get a middle office/ops job then apply for the TDP.


I am a rising sophomore and will be applying to TRIP in the fall. I understand that the application process is competitive, but I've heard that the board member firms have more internship positions to fill than there are students in the program. Is that true at all? Also do you know why BP isn't a board member given how every other supermajor is part of TRIP?


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