Optiver 80 in 8 numerical test seems impossible. Is it even possible to pass this test without luck?

Is it even possible to master ability to calculate these arithmetic questions in few days? I know few resources but at the moment it seems impossible for me to pass this test. Has anyone passed this test after practicing for a week?


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It's definitely possible. I'm a far cry from a numeric genius and was able to get like 77 or 78/80 (forgot, it's been a while) when I took the test, and got to the phone round. It took me around a month of prepping daily in order to get my speed up to par for the majority of prop trading firm OA's, while also reading mental math books on the side. That wasn't even the most difficult part of the test, there's a portion near the end that has to do with betting intuition that I felt was more or less subjective.


thanks for the assurance. I think i will practice....btw...do you know about SIG application screening? Does everybody applicant gets invites for assessment? I got invitation for Dublin program but not Chicago. 


No problem; one thing I forgot to mention is that you should think about recording your scores every day so that you can eventually see an upward trend line over time, and this will motivate you to continue to practice and push past your limits. Personally, this helped me a ton to be able to see my improvement. 

I’m not too sure about your question, but it might be office dependent due to headcount at various locations. I applied to the Bala Cynwyd office location for SIG and received the OA even with a sub-par resume, and all of my friends also got past the resume screen. Chicago office might be more competitive (due to huge prop trading presence there) so they resume screen more. 


I used rfqjobs' optiver test. I just took the real optiver test and passed, but it was more difficult than I expected as the format was different for a fair amount of the questions. It's still good practice though. 


I've done a couple of practice ones (RFQ jobs mainly along with another website). I found it to be easy - my first try was a 70, mostly due to mental errors (carelessness), but now I'm consistently scoring above 76 on it; most are 78 or 80. If you were born with the talent, it'll be very easy for you. 


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