Rate My Chances - Breaking into BB without College Degree

Hi Folks, 

Let me first introduce myself. 

I'm 28 yo. working for over 6 years at the largest investment bank that is subsidiary of largest Commercial Bank in my country (Caucasus - Not specifying intentionally and not Russia). More precisely, I am an associate broker (senior sales & trading) at brokerage arm.

Due to the fact that team is so small, there is no room of career progression anymore. Possibly I am at the highest level right now, as only way to move 'higher rank' is to become head of brokerage. But it's impossible, as my boss is not going to move anywhere, any soon. 

Right now I am working on my CV to apply Asset Management division in BB, initially considering EU and US regions. As a 'minor' I am also monitoring HF and FO open opportunities. 

I will highlight some key points from my CV to have a clear understating of my experience and don't be confused if you'll find it mixed and little bit chaotic, as this is the main advantage of working in a small community (referring 40-50 employees in total). 

  • Up until now, I am working with UHNW individuals from wealth management division of Mother Company. Meaning that, I am account and portfolio manager at the same time. By portfolio manager, I am referring to whole process, building investment propositions from excel to BBL or PPT then presenting to target fish. I am mostly experienced in Fixed Income, Single Stocks and Equity constructions. 
  • Building price hedging models for companies specialized in import and export sectors. I.e. offering 'crude' and precious metals price hedging for local oil importers and Gold exporters. Mostly I build such models in Excel using options and futures and yes, I have quite successful track record in this field as well. 
  • Very well experienced with Bloomberg terminal's key functions like, ALLQ, PRTU, PORT, FXGO, SRCH, OVML and many more. 
  • There are other fields as well, like sales, meeting prospective clients, preparing rebalancing options for existing clients etc. 
  • Worked with two structured product issuance, that was linked to S&P and STOXX with 100% Capital preservation and 100% participation (dont be confused, that was back in 2017 when we were swimming with high deposit rates). that is unique as it was first offered from my small team that I am insanely proud of. 
  • As a bonus, I was invited lecturer at leading university for one semester. Delivering lectures and seminars to groups of students in the same field. Introduction 

Apart above points that I find it more or less helpful, there is a huge con and it's my degree. Yes, I don't have neither BBA nor MBA degree up until now for personal reasons and circumstances. 

I would highly appreciate your comments or advice that might increase my chances to break into BB

I know you might have quite legit question how I started working or became lecturer, but this is not a subject of this thread and It might take a long time to explain. 

P.S. - I speak 10X better than I write, thus, at least I need to appoint a meeting to increase my chances. lol.

Thank you in advance, 

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Dec 5, 2021 - 6:23am
professionalbanker66, what's your opinion? Comment below:

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