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I am currently a sophomore from a non-target. I have a strong resume of being in the largest undergraduate investment fund in the U.S. As well as being in another undergraduate investment fund that is partnered with the best universities such as Harvard, MIT, Penn, and LSE. I have a weak GPA because of a poor freshman year but it is improving a lot each semester. I have a lot of personal trading experience and understand markets really well because I started trading when I was 15 years old. I know this doesn't tangibly transfer over to professional trading, but I believe it can help set me apart from other applicants. I have begun networking with alumni from my school and funds but am struggling with my next steps. Any advice on how to break into S&T, or trading as a whole? I have an interest in everything from physical commodity desks at a big oil company to a desk at a bank or prop shop. I greatly appreciate any comment as I try to figure out how to break in. 

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did S&T at "tier 1 bb" before moving to banking. don't take this the wrong way but don't bank your entire story on "investment fund and then it's partnered with MIT". Full stop no one gives a fuck because every school has this and you'll be going up against kids from Carnegie and MIT. your weak GPA stands out more than any hand held fund experience. That's the hard stuff. here's what you have going for you: you've started networking and you have trading experience to talk about. that won't get you the job but it's a meaningful marginal step in the right direction. I would try and do some shadowing or pick up any s&t related internships that are NOT school affiliated or student fund. S&T is actually pretty easy to get into if you hit all the banks because no experience would really set you apart side from banking or if you went to Carnegie (can't stress enough how many kids do amazing from there in S&T). Just apply everywhere, keep networking, boost your GPA, and try to pick up 1 meaningful internship in a trading adjacent role. you'll be fine trust me. just apply everywhere and don't be picky

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did you intern in s&t, then move to banking ft?  or was it a career change after x years in s&t?  what made you transition over?  would love to hear your story, cheers

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Thank you so much for your comment, it is greatly appreciated as I am trying to gain anything to help me. I had an internship my freshman year summer, and I am returning back during sophomore summer. It was on a physical energy trading desk at a Mid-Stream Energy company. I know it's not much, but I am hoping it is a resume boost. I am already beginning to boost my GPA, but I fear that I f'd up too much my freshman year because recruiting starts soon. Any advice on recruiting besides casting a wide net? Thank you so much for your time and help. 

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reach out at VP level and above. try and find guys who trade energy on LinkedIn. they will appreciate that internship and be more likely to help than analyst. Wide net is the ultimate advice. you can't be picky in your shoes. be sending out 1-2 emails a day minimum and be ready for technicals. you will 100% get an interview somewhere and you need to convert it. 

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