Stopping spiders black widows brown recluse

Hi everyone! Do any of you have a permanent solution to combat spiders in your room/house?

I dust/clean religiously, use a ton of scented spray (usually Febreze) and wash my bedding/linens at least once a week.

I am not tall enough to wipe the ceilings (female) or use special dust or paste. I also worry that may ruin the floors (not the homeowner). No matter what I do the spiders return.

My home has a fair number of boxes (roommates) which I can't get rid of. The boxes are off to one side though and sealed. I keep all my shoes in a plastic thing from Amazon as I worry about spiders but I can't wrap everything in plastic as that's a fire hazard.

Got bitten twice with permanent scars and I'm fed up. I thought daily spraying (usually before I go to sleep) would stop this but tonight I woke up with a shiny black spider crawling on my arm and I am fearful if it's a black widow. Time will tell.

Thanks for your help guys. I hear these are common in Texas/south. Whatever way you guys deal with them there needs to be public knowledge here in the north as well. Thanks.


Yes. No eating/drinking outside of the kitchen/living room. The house is pretty empty. We keep boxes of seasonal items (Christmas decor, curtains, shoes) in a spare room and the garage. There is a natural fireplace though.

Do you have any tips? I don't feel it's a good idea to spray pesticides daily. No other bugs in the house except spiders. I find this bewildering. Thanks.

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Do you rent or own?

You need your home professionally sprayed by a pest guy once a month if you never want to see a bug again. My wife and I have our house sprayed once a month and never see any bugs. Lucky for us we have a personal connection with our bug guy so we get a good deal on our monthly spraying. 

If you go down this route, I'd recommend staying away from the larger corporate pest companies like Orkin (based on conversations with my bug guy), apparently they heavily dilute all their sprays to increase profit margins. Look for a local guy with good reviews and you'll probably find someone good. I'd recommend also doing some research on what are good sprays to have sprayed in / out of the house and ask whoever you choose what they spray with to do some diligence on who you pick.


If you don't want to use pesticides, try spraying Lysol or vinegar all around your house. Spiders hate strong smells and it will deter them from where you are but idk if they will disappear from the windows or garage.


Do you think I could use peppermint fragrance spray instead? It's much cheaper. Thanks.


If it is this bad in your area and it matters that much to you I would consider moving and not renting anything on the ground floor, especially if you have a garden. 

Otherwise, need regular professional sprays as others suggest


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