Alpha Wave GE/VC - Anyone heard of them?

Title says it all!

I know they used to be focused on being a Hedge Fund as Falcon Edge but rebranded and are now focused on GE/VC.

Would be great if someone could shed some light on what their reputation in the market is and what you think of their team?

The portfolio seems super impressive but not sure if they lead many rounds


Spoke with the hedge fund side and the head of it was the rudest person I ever met. He was late and rescheduled our interview 4 times and was absurdly rude during our interview. Spoke with recruiter after who said my experience wasn’t abnormal.

Had an opportunity to interview for the VC side a year after, but refused given my prior experience. They’re very close to the Saudis, I believe, to the point the founder was investigated for setting up back channel communications with the White House. 

With that said, they do some interesting deals. 


Hundred percent agree and can confirm they hype the fund size. They are cheap. And not much in terms of revenue. Around 7-8 million revenue for 55 employees and office, overhead, taxes. You can do the math. I would hundred percent not recommend working for Alpha Wave Global.


I guess "great pay" is relative. They hire basically cheap labor. They dont care about pedigree or background. Just need to "check the box" and a bunch of cheap excel monkeys. Also, their investors are basically Middle Eastern and are not paying them much in terms of fees. I would not work here.


See in other loop that you have asked for insights ahead of an interview, assume from your multiple bitter answers it did not go well..

The private investment team (which sits across the globe, seems like quite a few in India) is based on LinkedIn around 10-20 people and manage +10bn. Sure upside is good even if the fund is co-managed by Chimera. Also, most large PE funds in e.g. London are backed by Dubai/Abu Dhabi money.

Would expect to continue seeing these guys in the same cap tables as Sequoia, Tiger etc. going forward, especially on the back of the +10bn fund raised recently, but time will tell…


Their strategy on HF is to hire people under work visas, underpay them, and grind them bcz they have nowhere else to go...


They are super cheap and super shady. Rick Gerson one of the founders is friends with Jared Kushner. Controversy over their investors. They exaggerate their assets under management. I would stay away.


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