How would I move from VC/Growth to AM

Hi folks,

I've recently got quite serious about making a transition to asset management from VC / growth but have no idea where to start. I started my career doing 2 years in BB IB TMT team then moved to a smallish late-stage / cross-over tech VC fund where I was lucky to do some really cool household name investments, got promoted to VP very quickly and have recently lateraled to similar multi-stage VC fund as a VP. In total I got roughly 6 years of experience and while I absolutely love tech and the lifestyle I'm starting to realise that I really find myself spending most of my time reading about macro, public equities and all the idea generation around that. 

I just don't know what the best way to execute the potential pivot is. I've been a personal investor for over 10 years so in a sense it's nothing new but I've never done asset management per se professionally. Should I do an MBA? CFA? Just apply to open positions? My technical skills are more than sufficient although convincing that to interviewers given my background may be another story. I'm also based in London and we don't really do MBAs on this side of the pond, plus I'm getting a bit old for that I suppose. Also too old to care about prestige too much.

Anyhow, would be good to get some thoughts.

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