IB to Co-founding Startup... Paths After?

Hey everyone, I'm currently an IB analyst who's pretty set on co-founding a startup after the analyst stint ends. Obviously going to be pretty risky and I'm nervous, but have confidence and conviction in the playbook and idea. Co-founder and I have a good VC/entrepreneur network and think getting VC-backed is feasible (but nothing is guaranteed in life of course). Will probably live the first year or so on my savings built from working in IB.

Was just wondering that if I see the startup not going to work out after 2/3 years, what do you think would be feasible steps after? 

Currently at a top EB M&A role if that matters; would it be easy to get into VC/get into PE? Is an IB analyst role even valuable 2/3 years after? I just don't know anyone in my network who's gone this route so am trying to level set expectations.

I really believe that co-founder experience will be super valuable and truthfully think I'm at the age where I should just full-send opportunities so I don't regret not trying later. 

In the likely event of a failure, I currently see joining a VC or getting an MBA to reset (then return to IB/PE) to be the most feasible paths, but would appreciate any insight/precedent paths of people you all may know. 


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