Is growth equity one of the most underrated careers in finance?

I go to a semi target in the south. Most of the hardo business majors are gunning for IB/consulting, maybe PE, majority have never heard of growth equity.

Make ~300k as an associate, clip mid 6 figures/7figs at the more senior level working ~60 hours a week (unless you're at a sweaty firm/on a live deal)

Stress seems much lower than HF or PE, as its much more rare to lose money on an investment

Get to send emails/talk to founders all day even as a junior

Culture seems good at most firms as it's pretty much your job to be personable, friendly and charismatic

Am I just being naive here? Is it really that good? curious if folks who work in GE can chip in.

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Is this a troll post? Do you realize that growth equity has been one of the hottest sectors in the past decade? I don't know what idiots you've been talking to, but I guarantee you all the top business majors have heard of growth and respect it. And it is certainly not "more rare to lose money on an investment". Where do you get this info??


Shhhhhhhhh. Growth Equity is gay we do small deals and aren't as prestigious as the LBO boys, stay away. 


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