Transition to US VC / GE from Europe

Hi Monkeys!

After many years of reading uncountable topics, this is my very first post on WSO :)

I'm based in Europe with the following background: Ivy League EU equivalent -> MBB stint (2y) -> Operator at a fast growing tech startup (arrived after seed, lived big Series A & B with good traction from investors) (1y). My ultimate goal would be to join a solid VC / GE at some point. I'm not too worried about being able to make the transition in Europe. 

However, for personal reasons, I envisage to go to the US at some point (NY/SF) and am a lot more skeptical about my ability to make the transition. From what I've read on WSO, the US market is crazily competitive (a lot more than in Europe) and my startup not planning to expand to the US, I think I have close to 0 chances to make the jump directly. I see the following options:

  • Start in Europe in a good VC / GE firm and ask for an internal mobility (is it even possible?)
  • Go to US MBA (considering many fellows that I know, my chances at H/S/W should be relatively high) and make the transition post MBA

The MBA option is a little bit annoying for two reasons: 1) Being from Europe, I've already gone through BSc + MSc and 2) I'd like to stay 1 or 2 more years at my current startup (the adventure is fun, was there at the beginning, etc...) = post-MBA I will be in my very early 30s. Not a big deal but not ideal when compared to US-based people with the "classical" path BSc -> 2-year IB cycle -> 1-year startup -> Investor that become partner at 29/30

Happy to collect some thoughts or to see if other options should be considered.

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snakeshaveeyes, what's your opinion? Comment below:

Hey - had a similar question and got some responses

Generally seems p difficult at the junior level is my takeaway - MBA seems like its the most straightforward and certain route to go there

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  • Works at KeyBanc Capital Markets

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