Abroad during hiring season and questions about online courses for resume experience

I am a current sophomore at a non-target school. Over this past semester I have been able to reach out to alumni who work on the street, and get their opinion on my questionable timeline.

I am going to be abroad during the next hiring season, in order to improve my proficiency in a foreign language. Many of the alumni have told me that I should definitely go, and if I didn't I would regret it. Now, I am double majoring in this language, so there is no question as to if I am going or not. Some have brought up how there might still be some middle market internships available when I get back (mid to late December). Some have even told me about the opportunities abroad that I should consider. I am still stuck with what sort of experience I can put on my resume that will make me stand out from other applicants.

I have heard of some online programs that can, supposedly, fix that. I have done some research on the Invest Like The Street program, and it seems pretty good. I'm still very skeptical as to if it is worth it. It is appealing, because I would be working one on one with someone instead of just watching some videos of someone working in excel. I just don't understand why I cannot sign up at any time. If anyone has heard of it or if it is worth doing to get that modeling experience on my resume, I would really appreciate the insight.

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Dec 11, 2017