Accenture: MC Finance & Enterprise Performance Full time analyst offer

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Hey Guys,

I was hoping to get a little advice on my current situation. I have been applying for grad analyst roles over the past month and have been rejected by MBB and most of the mid-tiers despite what I thought was a strong resume. I have been offered a full time role at Accenture in their MC Finance & Enterprise Performance and was hoping to hear your thoughts on the department. I have been reading forums on consulting for a while now and I have seen a few people mention that at ACN in the end you get put on IT projects. Can anyone confirm this? has anyone worked in the ACN MC finance division and can give their experiences of the department?

I was hoping to get into MBB. It looks like my best now is to do well at ACN-->top MBA-->MBB.

Feel free to make any comments you may think will help me out.


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Oct 9, 2012

I'm an analyst in the MCDP program at accenture. I can confirm that you mostly end up doing IT work. The MC practice isnt very strong so although accenture hires many people into MC, most really end up doing SI. If you love IT, this is a great company, one of the few that does IT right. If you want to do real management consulting, look elsewhere.

Feb 25, 2015